04 Oct 2011

Is Mitt Romney the new Steve Poizner of the Republican Party?

For those outside of California that are not familiar with the “Steve Poisoner effect”, here’s a quick summary. Steve Poizner was a candidate for Governor of California that poisoned the Republican primaries in 2010 with vile anti-immigrant rhetoric. In the end he did not only lose the nomination of his

01 Mar 2011

The psycho-emotional impacts of immigration on our children

Interview with the author of the new book, “Listen to the Children: Conversations with Immigrant Families”.

06 Jan 2011

GOP Schizophrenia on Constitution: Reading It Aloud & Destroying Its 14th Amendment

While Republicans on the federal level as one of their first acts in taking over the House of Representatives read the Constitution and its Amendments aloud on the House Floor, on the state level they also prepare to launch an all-out assault on the Constitution by trying to blow up

18 Dec 2010

Senate Fails to Invoke Cloture 55-41 for DREAM Act

In a day that should’ve been a day of progress and celebration with the passage of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, a dark cloud taints it with the DREAM Act being denied to our youth. Today I hug all those DREAM’ers and I’m crying with you. The white

10 Dec 2010

CNN Erroneously Reports DREAM Act Dead When Very Much Alive

From Project Economic Refugee: In light of what happened today in the Senate, reports of the DREAM Act’s death have been, shall we say, greatly exaggerated. It seems that CNN jumped the gun by reporting this: Senate cancels DREAM vote (CNN) – Senate Democrats canceled a scheduled vote on the

07 Dec 2010

Conservatives Invest in Spanish Outreach

On the heels of Fox News launching a website catering to Latinos and perhaps as a response to the beating the Latino vote handed to the Tea Party in the 2010 midterm elections, the conservative think thank Heritage Foundation is now launching a site entirely in Spanish. Via PR Newswire:

05 Dec 2010

Let’s Make Sure That It Does Get Better For Our Teens

The Immigrant Youth Justice League (IYJL) is organizing an event in Chicago to tell undocumented teens that they are NOT alone and that together we CAN overcome despair. In the lead up to the event, the IYJL is collecting stories of support to share about those that have thought about or have attempted suicide due to being undocumented and having doors shut on their faces.

28 Nov 2010

Progressives To Start Building Communications Network?

I recently had the chance to see Professor of Linguists George Lakoff talk at a forum on the tactics of health care reform. During that discussion, Professor Lakoff reiterated, as he has often done in the past, that progressives still lack the extensive network of communications in this country that

23 Nov 2010

When Childhood Heroes Betray You: Lou Ferrigno

Expose of Lou Ferrigno and other Hollywood actors’ connection to neo-nazis in Arizona border.

20 Nov 2010

Coming Out In Don’t Ask Don’t Tell & The DREAM Act

In light of Senator Liebermann announcing that the Senate now has the 60 votes needed to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, it is imperative that the DREAM Act does not get left behind nor does it get unwittingly blacked out, once again, just like it happened before the midterm elections.