04 Feb 2008

Feminist elected official responds to NOW N.Y. on Obama….

Dear NOW of New York, Feminists have just experienced the ultimate betrayal. The New York chapter of the National Organization for Women’s recent denouncement of brilliant candidate Barack Obama as “the new guy” has hit hard against a generation and a nation eager to imagine the possibility of a better

16 Apr 2007

We are being punished without a conviction, without a trial.

Last week the Judiciary Committee of California’s State Assembly, Mark Leno’s Marriage Equality bill passed by a wide margin. (Still on to rest of Assembly, Senate and Governor — this was a first step). The only argument against it seems to be that ‘we must punish the gay people or

19 Mar 2007

Throw the pork-eaters out of the military. It’s just how I was raised….

So, a military leader gets to say that the rules of who may or may not serve our country in a time of desperate need — depends upon his personal upbringing? Let us take this proposal to its logical conclusion.  If each official’s personal upbringing gets to be a basis