29 Mar 2011

“Cut and run” redux: the Libya war debate

Crossposted on Groundswell. I think sincere, well-intentioned people can disagree about how the US should have responded to the situation in Libya, and I’m glad to see a civil discussion happening amongst people who are cautious about the use of US military force (see Juan Cole, Robert Naiman and Phyllis

23 Mar 2011

Bullets vs. doughnuts: Bahrain, Yemen and the US response

Crossposted on Groundswell. The media and the public are understandably paying a lot of attention to the brutal repression of the rebellion in Libya and the US and allied response. However, while debate rages about the proper response to Qaddafi’s violent push against the rebels, the suffering civilians of Bahrain

25 Feb 2011

Does Robert Gates Need His Head Examined?

Crossposted on Groundswell. The New York Times reports today that the US military has begun pulling back from the Pech Valley, an area they once considered crucial to their counterinsurgency strategy. At least 103 American soldiers have been killed in the area, and many more wounded. While the piece doesn’t

24 Feb 2011

Psy Ops on Senators

Crossposted on Groundswell. Michael Hastings, the reporter famous for bringing down General McChrystal, is back in Rolling Stone with another explosive story. Hastings exposes “another runaway general” (there seem to be too many of these) who instructed soldiers in a “psychological operations” team to manipulate key visitors, including US senators,

21 Feb 2011

Did Your Representative Vote to Cut Wasteful Military Spending?

Crossposted on Groundswell. Last week, the House engaged in a budget free-for-all, debating hundreds of amendments on the continuing resolution that would fund the government through the end of the 2011 fiscal year. Republicans were set to impose draconian cuts on domestic programs—slashing to get to an arbitrary spending number

19 Jan 2011

Working for Peace in 2011: What We’re Hearing on the Hill

Our political team spent a couple of days last week making the rounds of key congressional offices to strategize, feel out the new political landscape, and push for action on ending the war in Afghanistan, taking further steps to eliminate the threat of nuclear weapons, and building out the development

16 Dec 2010

On Afghanistan, Americans aren’t buying what the administration is selling

Few Afghanistan policy watchers anticipated any significant revelations in the Obama administration’s review of the war in Afghanistan. Administration officials repeatedly downplayed the review and directed National Security staff not to offer policy alternatives. As expected, the overview released to the public reiterates the president’s justifications for the war from his 2009 West Point speech and makes the same weak claims of progress that administration officials have been making in the media in the run-up to the review.

10 Nov 2010

What Does this Election Mean for Peace?

Crossposted at Groundswell This past Tuesday was a rough election for many people, including supporters of a more peaceful foreign policy. While we know that there will be many more proponents of the war in Afghanistan and increased military spending in Congress, there are still a lot of questions about

06 Oct 2010

California Democratic Party Leaders Speak out on War Anniversary

Facing a gaping enthusiasm gap and overwhelming Democratic opposition to the war in Afghanistan, delegates from the California Democratic Party sent a letter to the Democratic congressional delegation calling on them to show real leadership on ending the war.

06 Oct 2010

Oregon Elected Officials: “End the War”

On the 9th anniversary of the war, more than 25 state and local elected officials write to the OR congressional delegation calling on them to take action to end the war in Afghanistan.