15 Oct 2009

Feeling pillaged? Here’s a bright spot – Nomi Prins and Eliot Spitzer on “Morning Meeting”

Need some tools to understand and take **constructive action** to fundamentally restructure the shameful legislation that led to bailouts, obscene bonuses, and economic fraud? Nine minutes and a good Internet connection are your ticket to a brief overview.

28 Sep 2009

Cheney Deconstructed by Wilkerson

Just landed on a guest post at The Washington Note that anyone interested in better understanding how Cheney pulled off his institutionalized theft should read.

12 Sep 2009

Two Former Military Commanders Explain Why Torture Is Not Acceptable

It’s unusual to hear a concise condemnation of torture from the point of view of American’s military. A link to this OpEd turned up on an comment at Emptywheel’s, and deserves much wider reading for it’s clarity, courage, and frankness.

31 Aug 2009

Cheney, Calderone, Smith, Emptywheel, & Glenn Greenwald: Cognitive Styles Disagree

EW and Greenwald have been slammed for their analysis of Cheney’s conduct.
Why is ‘media criticism’ the weapon being claimed by conservatives in this knife fight?

21 Aug 2009

50,000,000 = 16 States Worth of Uninsured Americans, or 1 out of 3 State Populations are Uninsured

What’s the simplest, quickest way to create a snapshot of 50,000,000 uninsured Americans? If we ‘mapped out’ the population of uninsured Americans, how many state populations would we have to add in order to total that figure of 50,000,000?

19 Aug 2009

“Morning Meeting”: Economic Parasites 101, or “CEO castigates AFL-CIO’s support for single payer as ‘political strong-arming”

Second-guessing labor’s support of health care as ‘political strong-arming’ fails to explain: (1) the need for health care reform in order to strengthen the US economy, while painting (2) ‘labor’ — rather than Wall Street or HealthCo$ — as the villain who sunk the US economy

08 May 2009

Cybersecurity: Why is Larry Summers Being Allowed to Guide Obama’s Decisions on Cybersecurity?

If Obama is taking advice from Larry Summers on whether to appoint a Cybersecurity Czar, we’re in trouble. Summers will view this issue through the lens of how it affects economic innovation. But President Obama would get far better advice from those who can explain to him: (a) how we can best insure the security of our innovations and (b) protect the privacy of our economic data.

06 Apr 2009

Media Topics: Ed Schultz Starting Today at MSNBC

What does it mean that a second Air America radio host is now moving to MSNBC? Has MSNBC spotted an audience that others missed? Will it translate into different policy discussions, or better outcomes for local communities?

26 Mar 2009

AIG, Market Meltdown, and Offshore Banking: Deception Incorporated

Are we bailing out banks that would be solvent if they weren’t hiding money offshore in tax havens? Why haven’t we asked all TARP recipients to reveal all offshore banking assets before they receive a single taxpayer dime? Why haven’t members of Congress asked CEOs about their willingness to screw taxpayers by moving billions offshore?

30 Nov 2008

Floods & Farmers: The Strange and Unexpected Impacts of Auto Bailouts

A local GM dealer insisted on paving farmland to build a showroom for oversized pickups, a classic case of refusing to admit that water runs downhill. Could bailing out the Big 2.5 produce better floodplain protection by ensuring that patents for new automobile technologies remain in US control, thereby driving a new ethos for corporate citizenship?