29 Mar 2013

My last Post

This is my notice to firedoglake that I do not wish to renew my membership. I want to thank the web sight for given me opertunity to try to make a differance. I also want to thank all of you that have made an effort in your way to make a

25 Oct 2012

debate this

I was born an American of the United States of America during the Great Depression. The Patriotic Democrat and Republican representatives in Congress worked together to lead our Nation into becoming the most respected, prosperous lending Nation to ever exist. We are now divided into the red and blue states.

06 Oct 2012

Try and try again

As a child I was taught to believe in a living God that created all living things. He used his son to ask us to have faith in his judgment of how we lived our lives and to be Good Samaritans. In seventy-eight years of life I have never found

22 Sep 2012

God and the United States

I am an American that is a Great Grandfather that was born during the Great Depression, believes in a living God, and knows how Blessed I was to be born an American of the USA. We are now divided into the Red and Blue States, dis-respected and the leading debtor

25 Aug 2012

History, God, USA and Todd Akins

Throughout history the rich and powerful have used fear-mongering and the narrow-minded to divide, conquer and oppress. History clearly tells us that if you ignore history it will repeat itself. History clearly tells us the majority of human beings believe there is a living God that created all living things.

19 May 2012


Evolved a new found word in politics is the difference between a Good Samaritan American and an Evangelical. I am talking about Evangelicals that despise Muslims and believe the rich and powerful will help them force their beliefs on everyone else. Christian as well as Muslim zealots murder in the

17 Mar 2012


WHY? Correcting mistakes is the key to a better future. Throughout history the rich and powerful have use fear-mongering and narrow minded religious zealots to divide, conquer and oppress nation after nation such as Iran. Why would any American that was born during the Great Depression and saw our Nation

09 Mar 2012

Hypocrites Galore

As an American that was so blessed to have been born in what was the USA, the most respected, prosperous, lending Nation to ever exist, there is nothing more I could ask for than to see my children have the same opportunities I had. I was born during the Great

11 Feb 2012

To whom it may concern

If you don’t like where you are at in life; you had better have paid attention as to how you got to where you are. The key to a better future is the mistakes we survive and learn from. As an American that was born during the Great Depression; I

04 Feb 2012

America then and America now.

I was told I made a mistake and my post (America) yesterday was a no post according to the rules; I apologize. The post was meant to be a summary of the many post I have posted trying to start a dialog about the effect the evangelicals of the Religious