12 Dec 2010

Watercooler – BP Oil Spill Claims Process Subject to Wide Interpretation

What’s on your mind besides the lingering problems of BP’s oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico?

11 Dec 2010

Saturday Art: Steve Schools Stephen on Colbert Nation

Well, Steve Martin tries very hard to share his knowledge of art with Stephen Colbert this week. Martin is doing rounds to promote his new book, An Object of Beauty. The two never really get around to talking about the book directly, in which Martin writes about an art collector and the development of her eye for collecting art work. But in goofing around, Colbert teases out an indirect discussion of the process of art collection.

09 Dec 2010

Late Night: Picked On Bullied Geek Girl Survives, Lives to Tell All

When I was a kid I was picked on and bullied nearly every day. I was smaller than most of my classmates, in part because I was put ahead a year and therefore younger, and in part because my folks are shorter than average. While all the rest of my

06 Dec 2010

Watercooler — Mixed Grill

There were a number of newsy tidbits which crossed the desktop today worthy of a second look. They might not be enough on their own for a post, but served up together we might have something worthy of discussion.

01 Dec 2010

Watercooler – And Now For Something Different

Perhaps NASA’s Astrobiology Program will announce Thursday that it’s found alien life, arsenic-based — and they’ve found it right here on Earth?

01 Dec 2010

Right Wing Bigots Freak out over DREAM Act

I can’t stand this crap below; it makes me sick to my stomach every time it shows up in my mail, all this bile and vitriol designed to amp up fear of “the other” while shilling for money to support their white nationalist and Christian fundamentalist initiatives. But since some

29 Nov 2010

Try Something New: MyFDL’s Organizing Tools for Your State, District

Let’s try something new today; let’s use our new Groups feature and let’s hold an elected official accountable to his constituents.

28 Nov 2010

Food Sunday: Semi-Homemade Jumbalaya

When you’re tired of turkey and you need a zippy, quick to pull together pick-me-up dinner, try making this semi-homemade jumbalaya. You might even try making it with some leftover turkey chunks and/or ham.

25 Nov 2010

Late Night: Holiday Movie Season Begins; What’d You See?

Did you get to the theater this holiday? Do you have plans to see a movie between now and the end of the year? Do tell here in comments.

25 Nov 2010

Minnesota Election Recount Hoo-Ha: Now Be Thankful Edition

As we settle into our Turkey Day here in the Great White North, I’m thankful for some comedy relief on the part of Norm “Pot Kettle Black” Coleman giving failed Alaska teabagger Republican Joe Miller some friendly advice.