28 Dec 2010

What’s Really Scaring Conservatives – Sharia Law or Islamic Banking?

Just imagine what applying Islamic sharia law — which forbids interest on loans — to our American banking system. What would it do to the banksters which cannot foreclose fast enough, using foreclosure fraud on already fraudulent subprime loans?

26 Dec 2010

Watercooler – Race for Rare Earth Minerals Creates New Risks

What do you think about the rare minerals situation? And what’s on your mind tonight?

25 Dec 2010

Watercooler – Mary’s Boy, Hawaiian Style

It’s only just supper time in the islands now; let’s listen to Malino as we wrap up our holiday evening.

23 Dec 2010

Your Holographic Future: Now, Soon or Much Later?

Predicting the future is pretty haphazard in that we often expect too much too soon or don’t think out far enough into the future. For example, what does your cell phone look like two years from now? how about five years from now? If you’d been asked this same question two years ago, would you have been accurate in your forecast?

22 Dec 2010

Steve Wozniak Presses FCC to Keep Internet Open and Neutral [Video]

Steve Wozniak thought the FCC ruling this week was important enough that he immediately flew to Washington DC to be there to make his case for net neutrality.

20 Dec 2010

SNL Pokes Fun at TIME’s ‘Man of the Year’ – and the Facade Slips

If you missed Saturday Night Live this weekend, no worries; we have the best part here in this video skit featuring “Julian Assange.”

18 Dec 2010

Watercooler – Special Food Sunday Ahead

After the day we’ve had, let’s not talk politics. Let’s plan ahead to Food Sunday and holiday cookies.

16 Dec 2010

Mulligan’s Economics Support Race to the Bottom – Not More Employment

You’d think an economist would understand this, but apparently one really needs to be an employer or a minimum wage worker to grasp that hiring people costs real money — not that hurtful chump change eked out from a minimum wage reduction.

15 Dec 2010

Emergency Whip Count: Where Do Democrats Stand on Obama-GOP Tax Plan

Pardon the interruption, but in case you haven’t read FDL’s front page, an EMERGENCY whip count is under way. Your help is needed to call Democratic Members of Congress and find out where they stand on the Obama-GOP tax plan.

Here’s a link to the whip count post — it contains instructions for your calls, a list of the members of congress to call as well as their phone numbers, and a mechanism to input the feedback you receive.

15 Dec 2010

Embarrassing Behavior: Bailing out and Giving the Keys to Big Dog

Funny ha-ha, the Taiwanese animators strike again with their brand of humor, but they make it pretty clear that the rest of the world took note of this failure to lead.

Who needs WikiLeaks to point out our weak spots? It’s right here in animation.