20 Feb 2009

CNBC’s Rick Santelli: Aiding and Abetting the Criminal Element of Wall Street?

We know there was illegal activity in the mortgage industry — but we know there’s been an effort to hide or ignore it. Rick Santelli kicks in and helps.

10 Feb 2009

An Alternative View of the Kellogg’s-Phelps Situation

Is Kellogg’s really out of line, or no? There’s definitely more than one viewpoint on the matter.

31 Dec 2008

AUDIO: Doctor discusses the humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Hospitals are running seriously short on fuel for power generation, says a health care professional in Gaza.

30 Dec 2008

[Updated] Audio from interview with Palestinian journo up

Early feedback from an interview with a peace activist on the ground in Gaza indicates tanks moving firing into Gaza — more shortly.

12 Dec 2008

More anti-union, anti-UAW propaganda from the point of origin: The Heritage Foundation

The outright lies about UAW wages came from The Heritage Foundation; they’re not stopping at that, either.

12 Dec 2008

Gimme back my money, red states

You want wages reduced and a level playing field? Cough up the money.

09 Dec 2008

The other reason Repubs are jacking around with the auto bailout

There’s another key number they keep in mind as they badmouth the automakers and the autoworkers

26 Nov 2008

The quality of mercy

We don’t talk about it as much as we should; what is mercy?

24 Nov 2008

We have a winner: most bizarre interview this year goes to CNBC Bartiromo-Prince Alwaleed

Once you get past the horses and the camels and the oddity of CEO bashing, you begin to realize you’ve just bailed out this Saudi prince.

20 Nov 2008

1,836 and 705

Because we shouldn’t forget them, nor let our elected officials off the hook — most particularly Joe Lieberman