24 Oct 2010

Food Sunday: Tomato Pie

This is the last time I’m writing about tomatoes this year.

I’m serious. It’s snowing, and it’s time to move on — I get it.

This week I’m thinking about books.

Remember books?

24 Oct 2010

Congressman John Mica (R-FL): You Kind of Have to Pity the Guy, at this Point

Not a big fan of the air traffic controllers, he is. From Don Brown’s Get the Flick: I don’t even remember what got me started on Congressman Mica this morning. I know I read about his latest exploit over at the Earth-bound Misfit but there was something else a few days ago

24 Oct 2010

Disgraced, Convicted Former U.S. Special Counsel Scott Bloch and Christine O’Donnell

[Thanks to TPM, who broke the story]: Mr. Bloch is awaiting possible sentencing by a federal judge for lying to Congress about deleting work files and dumping whistleblower case files. Turns out that, in 2002, he attended an 8-day constitutional law seminar in Claremont Institute with one Ms. Christine O’Donnell. Here’s the syllabus. Update: key quote:

24 Oct 2010

Welcome to MyFDL!

Welcome to a new day; welcome to MyFDL!

24 Oct 2010

The Best Event that Could Have Occurred to Me

Whenever I have fired people, I have always done it with a great concern for them and awareness that the tough act I was taking was probably one of the best events that could occur to the person. -David Grizzle, Chief Counsel, Federal Aviation Administration I walked into the FAA building

24 Oct 2010

FAA, TSA, PMS, and Back Pay

How would you like to work for an agency that investigates itself when it’s under suspicion?  And can fire you if it so chooses and the law would not afford you the right to appeal?  Or deny you back pay if you appeal and prevail? Welcome to the FAA and

24 Oct 2010

First Post by Former FAA Attorney and whistleblower

Hi! My name is David Pardo.  I am a 27 year old former attorney with the FAA.  Six months into the job, I blew the whistle about legal improprieties.  I have since created a blog, agcwhistleblower.wordpress.com, to chronicle my activities at getting an investigation going, but was fired in September

22 Oct 2010

Something New This Way Comes…Announcing MyFDL [UPDATE]

This platform you’ve both loved and fretted over will get a screaming hot upgrade to be launched Sunday morning.

With it will come a new name: MyFDL.

21 Oct 2010

Nutty Inputs, Squirrelly Results: What’s Going on with Pew Research?

Strategist Dana Houle noticed some squirrelly results based on nutty inputs in The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press’ “Ground War More Intense Than 2006, Early Voting More Prevalent” report released today.

18 Oct 2010

Republican Party, Candidates Beneficiaries of Housing Bubble and Foreclosure Crisis

A critically important point are the political and financial relationship of these four subpoenaed Fannie Mae retained attorney firms, the state attorney general and Florida’s Republican Party supporters.