02 Mar 2011

Charles Koch in the WSJ

In this Op-Ed piece Koch attempts to rationalize his hamfisted corruption of the American political process. In it he cites entitlements, business subsidies and defense spending as the culprits in government spending, yet applies no pressure on politicians to actually address any of these with any useful specificity. In fact,

24 Feb 2011

Third Party?- Not So Fast

Those of you in search of a new structure from which to propagate progressive reform remember: even the Kochs with all their money failed to make the Libertarian Party a viable third party. The viable third party is probably a pipe dream unless and until the average American is literally

22 Feb 2011

Self-Liberation- A Guide to Strategic Planning for Action to End a Dictatorship or Other Oppression

Do you wonder who to a significant degree wrote the playbook for the apparently successful Tunisian and Egyptian people’s revolutions as well as others? An American named Gene Sharp. And his writings are well worth reading as we ourselves struggle with an intractable entrenched ruling class that has stacked the

15 Feb 2011

The Gap

The ongoing redistribution of wealth and the resulting rapidly widening disparities between the top and bottom in America is- beyond being morally repugnant- also bad for the country as a whole. The rich have become more and more brazen in their influence grabbing and using the levers of power to

15 Feb 2011

Conservatives’ Short Term Bias and Political Strategy

We’ve seen the short term bias of the business-corporate Right, it is burned into them as grad students seeking their MBAs and reinforced to an even greater degree in a corporate culture where too often what should be strategic planning is reduced to tactical moves that barely look past the

15 Feb 2011

I Hate to Stereotype But…

“Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative” – John Stuart Mill If you meet any random say 100 real dim bulbs- not just ignorant but actively anti-intellectual, proudly ignorant- a decided majority will always be right wing

15 Feb 2011

It’s the Geography, Stupid

The US has an array of assets- both geographical and cultural/political- in place that make it almost uniquely advantaged. Geopolitics, like real estate, is mostly location, location, location and the US has the most advantageous location on the globe. What other large developed country has the broad array of natural

15 Feb 2011

Big Bloated Myth

Look up governmental expenditures as a percentage of GDPs for the developed world. The US’ governmental expenditures are very low by the standards of the developed world. Still. Even the PRC is actually only fractionally less. Almost all the countries with lower governmental costs as a proportion of GDP are