12 May 2009

Health Care Financing: Profiting From Denial of Care Is Violence

A NYT editorial supports Chuck Schumer’s abominable compromise on the health care “public option,” which even without such emasculation would constitute an abominable compromise on nonprofit healthcare financing.

04 May 2009

Call Senate Finance Committee Members Today and Protest Absence of Single-Payer Advocates on Healthcare Roundtables

The Finance Committee is convening three healthcare financing roundtables. Not one single-payer advocate was included at last month’s. Same for tomorrow’s. One more roundtable to go after that. Will the majority American opinion be heard? Call now.

03 May 2009

Fairwell, Justice Souter; Welcome, Souter Commission

If there must be a truth commission, who better to lead it?

29 Apr 2009

Prosecution Deters Retribution

A full investigation and prosecution of Bush-era crimes (including but not limited to torture) actually represents our last and best hope for preventing retribution by the genuinely aggrieved.

06 Apr 2009

NYT Editorial Hallucinates ‘Nimble’ Private Health Insurance ‘Outperforming’ Medicare

A New York Times editorial supporting “public option” says “single payer” like it’s a bad thing.

06 Apr 2009

OLC Memo Release Held Up by Johnsen/Koh Filibuster Threat?

Anonymous DOJ source tells Scott Horton that the real holdup to releasing the OLC torture memos is not the (continuing) objections of John Brennan but a Rethug Senate filibuster threat to the nominations of Dawn Johnsen and Harold Koh.

04 Apr 2009

Isikoff’s Latest: Internal White House Firestorm Over OLC Memo Release

Newsweek’s Michael Isikoff reports on vehement internal wrangling over release of 3 key torture memos.

02 Apr 2009

Of Lines in the Sand, Pufferfish, and Health Financing Extremism

Why can’t moderates, liberals, and progressives be just as unembarrassed about a single payer health financing as Republicans are in defending an extremist status quo?

17 Mar 2009

David Duke Appointed Secretary of State

The appointment of racist ultranationalist Avigdor Lieberman as Israel’s Foreign Minister casts US double standards in ever starker relief.

06 Mar 2009

Toddlered Reasoning

One of these things is not like the other.