27 Jun 2009


Alternative conventional wisdom on health financing reform, as if our national discourse were sane.

24 Jun 2009

A Kiddie Chair at the Table: Single Payer Representation at Ways ‘n’ Means

Having one single-payer advocate out of 17 witnesses will probably prevent having protesters dragged out in handcuffs. Maybe it shouldn’t.

23 Jun 2009

Progressive Discourse on “Public Option”: The Candor Continuum

By agreeing to speak no ill of the public option concept, the Congressional Progressive Caucus and likeminded others (categorized here as “public option pragmatists”) help ensure that the only critiques most Americans hear of this flawed idea come from corporatists and lunatics. In the process they facilitate the further marginalization of the solution they, and most Americans, support: profit-purged (aka single-payer) health care financing.

18 Jun 2009

If Lincoln Approached Emancipation the Way Obama Approaches Health Care

Minor modifications on excerpts from the President’s remarks at a New Mexico town hall and the AMA address.

11 Jun 2009

Will the Gentlemen Yield? Conyers Leans on Rangel and Waxman for a Single Payer Trifecta

In the House, health care reform is being covered by three committees. One, chaired by George Miller, held the first (!) hearing on single payer since John Conyers first introduced HR 676 in 2003. Listen to Conyers lean on Charlie Rangel and Henry Waxman, who chair the other two committees. (And you thought he only did the “sternly worded admonition” thing with Republicans.)

09 Jun 2009

The Unnecessary Provocateur – Inside an OFA Health Reform House Party

In at least one liberal section of Brooklyn, an Organizing for America health reform house party strays from script.

22 May 2009

Don’t Miss Bill Moyers Cover Single Payer Health Care Tonight

Check your local listings, as they say. Moyers will interview Donna Smith of the California Nurses Association, David Himmelstein, MD, of Physicians for a National Health Program, and Sydney Wolfe, MD, of Public Citizen, on why single payer is off the table.

21 May 2009

Taking It Hoyer: The Top Action to Take Today for Single Payer

House hearings on health care are fast approaching. Majority Leader Steny Hoyer needs to hear from you now about the need to include a vigorous discussion of single payer on merits.

13 May 2009

Return of the Baucus Thirteen

Quickie dispatch from the Washington rally and lobby day for single payer.

12 May 2009


Amid the chaff and flares and other deflecto misdirecto measures thrown up to keep Americans distracted from plans to preserve the core injustices of our health care financing system, May 13 will be a national call-in and lobbying day on behalf of single payer.