09 Aug 2009

The NY Times Horks Up Another Healthcare Hairball

An August 9, 2009, NYT defends the Massachusetts health financing system as not a “fiscal disaster” (merely a human travesty).

31 Jul 2009

Single Payer Actions, Aspirations, and Calculations on Medicare’s Birthday

Report from the July 30 day of lobbying and rallying in support of Medicare for All, on the occasion of Medicare’s 44th birthday.

28 Jul 2009

Seniors Already Have a Robust Public Option. Does It Keep Private Insurers “Honest”?

Today’s hybrid Medicare system, in which a quarter of beneficiaries are enrolled in private Medicare Advantage programs, provides a laboratory for testing the core assumption of the “public option” concept: that competition from a public plan can keep profit-driven insurers “honest.”

23 Jul 2009

Great Moments in Ill-Fated Anticipatory Sycophancy

Offered without comment, recommended HCAN talk points from last winter for thank-you letters to Max Baucus.

22 Jul 2009

Statement from Henry Waxman: Concessions to Blue Dogs

Statement released this morning from the Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee

20 Jul 2009

Ten Energy & Commerce Members With No Excuse for Voting Against the Weiner Single-Payer Amendment

Anthony Weiner (D-NY) is offering a symbolic amendment in the House Energy and Commerce Committee health reform markup, swapping single-payer for the bill’s hybrid public/private system. At least 10 progressives on the committee should support the amendment in preparation for future struggles.

15 Jul 2009

Senate HELP Committee Hands Pharma Industry a Giant Golden Egg

While most of our eyes were on the House, Monday night the Senate HELP Committee voted 16-7 to approve handing pharma companies 12 years of marketing exclusivity for branded biologic agents. That’s a massive windfall.

14 Jul 2009

Wherein I Officially Ask, “What the Hell Was I Thinking?”

A quick renunciation and self-flagellation.

14 Jul 2009

Health Reform Markup Action: Support State Single-Payer Waiver Amendments

The Senate and House HELP committees are fielding amendments to health reform language to allow states to enact individual single payer systems if they so choose. Citizen pressure is required to carry that language forward into final legislation, regardless of what else is in the bill.

09 Jul 2009

Single-Payer Rally and Lobby Day: DC, July 30

July 30 is Medicare’s 44th birthday. Single-payer supporters will celebrate in Washington with a rally, a shout-out to John Conyers and HR 676, and a fan-out to lobby legislators.