16 Oct 2009

Roger Cohen on Israeli Exceptionalism

A methodical voice of sanity on the New York Times Op-Ed page makes further incremental inroads into expanding US discourse on Israel.

15 Oct 2009

House Health Reform Votes Delayed (Including the HR 676 Swap-Out)

Drive-by diary on calendar update from Progressive Democrats of America

13 Oct 2009

A 9/11 Every Three and a Half Weeks

Remind me again about all the calls to keep the fight against Al Qaeda deficit neutral?

08 Oct 2009

Püblick Öption: The Descent of PÖ-henge

What’s the Band going to say when they see the Publick Option is only 18 inches tall?

07 Oct 2009

No Public Option Opt-Out Contingency Without a Single-Payer Opt-In Contingency

Democrats are reportedly considering permitting individual states to opt out of a public option if they want. This could be the big break supporters of the Kucinich amendment to HR 3200 need.

29 Sep 2009

Straight, No Chaser: Civil Disobedience Actions Against Private Insurers Begin Today

A series of nonviolent civil disobedience actions at private health insurance companies kicks off today in NYC. See links for more.

16 Sep 2009

AFL-CIO Endorses Single Payer

In a unanimous vote at this week’s national convention, AFL-CIO endorsed single-payer health care financing as the ultimate direction of health care reform.

01 Sep 2009

63% of Americans Can’t Pick the Public Option Out of a Three-Suspect Lineup

In fact, 23% of Democrats (!) thought it was the same as British-style socialized medicine. No wonder most of them wanted it!

27 Aug 2009

Howard Dean’s New Weasel Phrase and Some Truth-Telling on “Choice” From (Gasp) the NY Times

Howard Dean is pitching the public option by describing versions that exist in “progressive proposals,” never clarifying that neither HR 3200 nor the Senate HELP bill embodies such proposals. Meanwhile, in a front-page NYT piece HCAN conveniently ignored, David Leonhardt provided a rare spot of truth on how little “choice” current bills actually offer.

11 Aug 2009

Tragic Loss of a Health Reform Advocate: Nick Skala Dead at 27

An uncompromising single-payer advocate on the front lines of the often heated debate among progressives on health reform strategy has died at the age of only 27.