07 Feb 2010

Dr. Margaret Flowers, Single-Payer Activist, on Moyers Journal

At least Bill Moyers still pays attention to single payer.

04 Dec 2009

Time-Sensitive Alert: The Making of TLoB

The groundbreaking BBC documentary will be available to stream for only a few days.

02 Dec 2009

Michael Lighty Unpackages the Failings of the Health Reform Bills

A skilled and knowledgeable dissection of the House and Senate bills by the Director of Public Policy of the California Nurses Association. He spoke last week at the Annual Conference of the single-payer organization, Healthcare-Now!

30 Nov 2009

My Monthly COBRA Payments Just Tripled

COBRA premium subsidies, established under the Obama stimulus bill, are now expiring, increasing hardship for countless families at precisely the moment they can afford it least. Two bills, S. 2730 and HR 3930, would extend this lifeline. Will you call today to insist they pass?

23 Nov 2009

Your Enbrel, Herceptin, and Epogen Dollars at Work

Submitted with virtually no comment…

19 Nov 2009

John Yoo Tortured Big Pharma for Jane: Annals of Ultra-Strange Bedfellowship

An early, friendly nod to biogenerics from a surprising source.

29 Oct 2009

The Final Hail Mary on the Kucinich Amendment

One final longshot chance to have the state single-payer waiver amendment restored to the House bill.

28 Oct 2009

Has the Public Option Bait and Switch Finally Gone Mainstream?

The feeble scope and scale of even the most “robust” public plans in current health reform bills are finally gaining mention among the Sunday morning gasbags and a few cable personalities. Ask not what kept them so long; ask what you can do to stoke the outrage and change the outcome.