05 May 2013

The Last Revolution

Making a society is a biological imperative of humanity. As primates we require and are programmed to invent society. Historically all modern societies, of the last 10 to 12 thousand years, have claimed a God or Gods as the bedrock of their existence. This has, arguably, served us well. All

24 Mar 2013

He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts …

Largely unseen, ignored, denied, there is a shadow, a ghost, lurking behind the pomp of politics and governance. In the dark, dark days of the Bush Regime most of what I wrote, ranted and brooded about could be summed up in a few words: “Wake up! He’s destroying America!” I

23 Mar 2013

Nominate Bradley Manning for The Presidential Citizen’s Award

For immediate release- let’s make this viral! We only have until March 31st. Spread this far and wide! Nominate Bradley Manning for The Presidential Citizen’s Medal! Info you’ll need to complete the form: Bradley Manning Born in Crescent, OK Age 25 years You’ll be asked to explain why he should

08 Mar 2013

The Great American Script

Is it any wonder? Again and again Hollywood trots out the same tired plot: The good guy. Not a saint by any means, he’s got flaws, but really he’s just trying to get by. He’s not out to hurt anyone, just trying to get by and enjoy his life. He’s

08 Mar 2013

The Cross and The Drone–Symbols of Faith

The Cross is universally recognized as a symbol of the Christian faith. Like all good symbols it communicates a wealth of information. While there are literally thousands of different interpretations of just what Christianity is, and what being a Christian means, and how that it purports to affect the behavior

13 Dec 2012

Sometimes One Of Us

We live in increasingly difficult times. Options seem to be become fewer and fewer. Choices, for many of us, have been reduced to bad or worse. Sanity has left the building. Every day presents another onslaught of horror. It’s too much, we are too distracted, too exposed to it. We

30 Nov 2012

The Fiscal Cliff?

Synopsis of the article: Short and sweet- Here’s thing about the hilarious, made-up fraud called The Fiscal Cliff, taken at face value: The Bush Tax cuts will automatically expire if no agreement is reached. If President Obama and the Democrats do what all elected officials are especially good at- nothing-

28 Nov 2012

American Religion- Part Two- The Economy.

We have a fiat currency, the ‘value’ is arbitrarily assigned and has no intrinsic worth. When the Fed prints more money it is actually printing debt- as the only value the currency has is derived from the promise of return over time with interest. Debt is the promise to return

20 Nov 2012

The Apocolypse Is Over- This Is The End Credits …

When a society fails to provide the bare minimums essential to life for it’s people, that society has failed. The number of poor, hungry, homeless and needlessly ill grows on a daily basis. The specter of abject poverty has become a daily fixture of the American landscape. Ignored by most

08 Nov 2012

The Great Disconnect

Day after day I post so many links to the systematic brutality of American policy and the ongoing rape of our environment- any one of which in my opinion should be enough to cause people to call a stop to it. Sadly, I can’t post enough of them- it’s an