29 Jul 2011

Save lives and money by expanding Medicare to all

With media attention focused on the debt-ceiling drama in Washington, and with so many Americans rightly preoccupied with the frightening level of joblessness and bleak state of the economy, it might seem strange to urge a national celebration of Medicare’s 46th anniversary this Saturday, July 30. After all, if we’re

08 Jun 2011

Not-for-Profit Hospitals unfairly receiving Tax Exemptions

In this era of tight public funds afflicting virtually every state in the nation, there is one revenue source that has been all but neglected in the public debate: the subsidy of “not for profit” private hospitals by exemption from sales and property taxes being the typical form. This has been reexamined by the remarkable Illinois supreme court decision in the Provena Covenant case: the Court ruled that the Provena hospital group failed to meet the charitable health care provision required to enjoy the property ands sales tax freedom they had enjoyed.

11 Aug 2010

Dr. Quentin Young’s Reply to Robert Gibbs

When I first read your interview, my reaction was incredulity. The quotes you offered reflected the worst Tea Party disinformation. I and many others strongly believe these intemperate and mendacious attacks on progressives dissatisfied with some of the administration’s incredible concessions to the militant right-wing Republicans are extremely destructive.