27 Mar 2009

Billy Wilder: MY Gay Icon

There’s been a good deal of talk here lately about classic film, divas, and assorted other showbiz stuff.  So I thought I’d put my two cents in (well, two more cents) and talk about the man who I’ve described more than once as one of my gods.       Billy Wilder,

15 Mar 2009

Obama’s new pastors

If you haven't seen it, HuffPo has a story about Obama's new choices for his “spiritual advisors.”  And good golly!  There are two arch-homophobes in the crowd:  Texas bigot Kirbyjon Caldwell (who ruffled a lot of LGBT feathers when he was an advisor on Obama's campaign last year) and reputed

19 Feb 2009

Anti-gay Allegheny County Council member arrested

Chuck McCullough, a Republican member of Allegheny County Council who has been very vocal in his opposition to the county's pending LGBT rights law, has been arrested on more than 20 counts of bilking a 90 year old widow whose $14.5 million trust fund he was paid to administer. It's

07 Feb 2009

The Catholic Church and Me

Religion comes up an awful lot on this blog, and lately the Catholic church has pretty well dominated the discussion.  I’ve made no secret of my intense dislike of the institution, to the point where I’ve repeatedly been accused of being an “anti-Catholic bigot.”  But a bigot is someone who

24 Dec 2008

Dippiest “Keep Christ in Christmas” campaign yet

Apparently the way to honor "the true meaning of Christmas" is to treat it like…Halloween.  Here's the link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcpUnB0FKuk&feature=channel  On a side note, I just have to ask–is it just me, or does this guy look like Jack Black in "Prop 8: the Musical"?

23 Dec 2008

My own private homophobia

“Personal writing” isn’t at all my usual thing, but for some reason I feel compelled to write about this.  Maybe the holidays are softening me up; I don’t know.   And I don’t know where I’d post this but on the Blend, the web community where I feel most at home.