30 Dec 2009

Resolved for 2010: Re-elect Dorgan

Senator Dorgan shows what a real public servant looks…and acts…like in calling out the profiteering partisan Republicans putting national security at risk to further their own self-interest.

21 Dec 2009

The Dismal Decade

The decade of the Deciderer draws down, and the people are speaking volumes.

15 Dec 2009

A Very Few Good Gladiators

Gladiators = the noblest among us.
Sopranos – the nobleast.
Would that the latter were castrati…but then that’s just me.

13 Dec 2009

Prairie’s Reading: Wendell Potter on Medical Loss Ratios

Senators Franken and Rockefeller have a healthcare reform amendment to drag insurance companies kicking and screaming out of meanness and into moral integrity on their business practices.

09 Dec 2009

Why they call him Dick.

The Dick who will not be ignored has emerged from his bunny-blastin’ hole so Sarah doesn’t get all the ink.

11 Nov 2009


Never doth a Senator pass up the opportunity to grandstand.

03 Nov 2009

Lieberman backpedaling?

Reports are poppin’ up all over.

29 Oct 2009

Prairie Recommends: Dover Homecoming

Measure this man, this President, by the priorities he keeps.

02 Oct 2009

Drunk in the Bleachers

The Olympics decision brings the Gooper Losers out of the woodwork, and among the biggest losers is Limbaugh.

30 Sep 2009

Wyatt Earp, Wyatt Earp….

Yep, Arizona’s “packin'” ’em into bars.