14 Jan 2010

Dumb, Doddering and Despicable

We’ve seen the video. The vile trio whose sole reason to exist is to rake in the coin for themselves by the sludge of their tongues.

13 Jan 2010

Help Haiti Today

Everyday poverty already so dire, the earthquake now devastates Haiti.

12 Jan 2010

Sarah Reads God’s Mind

Sarah Palin believes her candidacy was “God’s Plan.” And I agree…but maybe not quite the way Sarah does….

09 Jan 2010

Prairie Recommends: Rich on Econ-terrorism

Frank Rich may not precisely call it that—econ-terrorism—in his Sunday column, but he lays out a compelling commentary on the destructive economic tactics titans of Wall Street have wreaked, unchecked, on all the rest of us. And fully expect to keep on doing….

09 Jan 2010

Quiet Heroes

As the plaudits mount for Senator Byron Dorgan after his retirement announcement, facets you may not know that burnish his legacy.

07 Jan 2010

On Lieberman’s Watch

Why is nobody asking the obvious? Following the thread since the inception of the Dept. of Homeland Security? The one unbroken strand…

07 Jan 2010

Prairie’s Reading: Gail Collins Prompts ND

North Dakota’s Republican Governor continues the campaign of coy… while raising an inevitable question.

06 Jan 2010

Prairie Cautionary – Senator Dorgan and North Dakota

In an LTE I wrote to Fargo’s Forum newspaper last week, finally published today, I warned against being stampeded into preconceived notions. Dorgan’s retirement announcement doesn’t change that.

05 Jan 2010

Off with her Head

The poobahiennes have spoken…Obama is a….

05 Jan 2010

Prairie Recommends: Matthews takes on Politico

Chris Matthews gave Politico’s Jonathan Martin the proverbial 2×4 between the eyes last night. Priceless.