15 Apr 2010

The Elephant at the Tea Party

The NY Times poll demographics prove it: the Tea Party is “Dick” Armey and his ilk. White. Male. Older. Republican. I’d toss in greedy and selfish, but that’s just me.

10 Apr 2010

The 70% Solution

Frank Rich cuts through the economist apologist bullpucky with the finesse of a ginsu knife.

09 Apr 2010

Get Over It, You Lost

Jon Stewart cuts through the Confederacy nostalgia claptrap….

25 Mar 2010

Boehner-Cantor Tag Team

The unabashed tag team of John Boehner and Eric Cantor have now spoken about the increasingly violent rhetoric and acts against Democrats who voted for healthcare reform, and Eric Cantor makes clear that it’s red herring and blame-the-victim time.

19 Mar 2010

Good Ol’ Boys

The GOB will protect their own…from Washington to the prairies. But that doesn’t mean we have to let them get away with it… sunshine’s exposing their hypocrisy and their misogyny.

09 Mar 2010

“Hang it around their necks….”

Todd the talking Republican strategist issues a promise if healthcare reform passes. Be careful what you wish for, Toddie.

02 Mar 2010

Fili-bluster Flood Factor

Bunning’s hold-up has shut down FEMA’s flood insurance…and The Flood Factor could erase Republican assumptions they’ve a shoo-in Senate seat from North Dakota.

01 Mar 2010


The dirty little secret of the Bunning fili-bluster is that he’s simply doing the latest incarnation of tighty-whitey rebellion against the uppity will of the people who elected Obama.

25 Feb 2010

Thank you, Keith Olbermann

It can’t be easy to open yourself so completely to advocate for healthcare reform…but when need we do it more….

23 Feb 2010

Foxy Saudi News

We’ve long known Fox News and its glory guy Roger Ailes have been anti-Obama. Heck, he boasts about it. … But could it be they’re directly anti-America as well?