04 Jul 2010


Those of us born and reared in North Dakota don’t need Newsweek to tell us this is a great place.

26 Jun 2010

MN 6th — Change to Clark

You can help end the puerile Palin era one district at a time…like Bachmann’s 6th. Tarryl Clark is newest Blue America candidate

19 Jun 2010

Bogged Down

Don’t worry, small people, your troubles are few.
The BP oil execs care about you. Truly. They do.

They said so….

16 Jun 2010


Two twits touting twaddle….

10 Jun 2010

Dear Calyfornyuh…

Puh-lease, no.

04 Jun 2010

Vote Vets Powerful Ad

Shout-out to Vote Vets who are still serving us better than our leadership.

06 May 2010

Community Banks Just Say….

When a ND community banker says status quo’s a no-go and reform must be passed, you gotta believe it gets noticed….

24 Apr 2010

Pull Up A Chair and free your inner migrant

Pull up a chair…set your inner migrant free, and share…and perhaps one small group can get people thinking about the common dream we share, instead of the borders and biases which divide us. Margaret Mead said it could be so….

16 Apr 2010

Seal of MoJoe Approval

Morning Joe gives a pass this ayem to Eric Erickson’s gun-rattling attacks on the census.

16 Apr 2010

Wear Blue

Today is Wear Blue for Child Abuse Prevention awareness. Ever heard of it? April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Did you know?