20 Oct 2008

“Share the Wealth”

We all “share the wealth”–it just depends on how it’s distributed. The Republican way? No thanks.

18 Oct 2008

Whatever Means Necessary….

John McCain surrenders his honor for his campaign’s survival.

17 Oct 2008

Buy American…from Wall Street to Wal-Mart

Warren Buffet lays down a marker for investing in America’s future…but we can all do the same on our own scale.

13 Oct 2008

Battleground North Dakota

Reality returns to North Dakota…and so does the polling: Obama leads McCain 45% to 43%

11 Oct 2008

Prisoner of….

Either John McCain is a prisoner of his holders, bending to their will, or he’s a desperate, covetous man who’s forfeited his honor.

06 Oct 2008

A Conservative for Obama

An argument for the pragmatic choice…and a handselling tool for reaching out to Republicans and conservatives.

05 Oct 2008

Hate Talk Express

Leading the hate talk team, Palin passes baton of smear to the Joes.

02 Oct 2008


Conservative family values courtesy the Buckley “family.”

29 Sep 2008

Assault on The Girls?

Is the McCain team launching an all-out campaign against women in the media who don’t coddle their veep candidate?

28 Sep 2008

Lions and Tigers

The Friday night thrilla gave undecided Americans plenty of opportunity to take the measure of the men who would be president. And one looked Presidential. Calm, reassuring, knowledgeable, sure of his facts. The other looked like a petulant reverser into second childhood. Boastful, shrill, histrionic, petulant, just plain mean.