15 Dec 2010

Hoary Old Chestnuts Roasting….

On Hardball Wednesday, the discussion turned to education, and Salon’s Joan Walsh pointed out that John Boehner’s sad, sad tears about children mean nothing compared to the lack of action and effort by Boehner to actually improve the lives of children. Right on cue, Michelle Bernard trotted out yet again the magic word of conservative ideologues everywhere: vouchers.

07 Dec 2010

RIP Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards long journey and challenges are now over. May she rest in peace.

If the dogs in the media will let her.

06 Dec 2010

ISAIAH Summit in Minnesota

To know just how much Republican Tom Emmer cares about being governor and actually, you know, governing, just one word: ISAIAH. The recount stall campaign now in progress in Minnesota has absolutely less than zero credibility when you look at Tom Emmer’s reaction to ISAIAH.

01 Dec 2010

North Dakota: We’re Number 1

(Congressman Earl) Pomeroy was swept out of office.

And look at what we got ourselves. We’re still number 1 — our newly elected almost Congressman shows up as Number One on the list of wealthiest new Congressmen, according to Politico…

30 Nov 2010

Zbig and I Are Wondering

I was being snarky, but now I’m starting to wonder. And so are the Zbigs in the Village.

29 Nov 2010

Connecticut for Toady

Having declared his undying love for all things Rupert Murdoch, Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman foreshadows his campaign strategy for 2012: Sucking up.

20 Oct 2010

Mean Girls League New Plebe

Anita Hill’s dignity and grace in handling this once-again sexual harrassment tactic perpetrated by the pathetic Virginia Thomas trying to pass muster with the Mean Girls League shows the difference between the women and the girls.

19 Oct 2010

Learning from the Protests of France

…the protests against raising the retirement age from 60 to 62. The shallow thinker might say, hey, what are they whining about? We’re going from 65 to 67 to…It took the students to get me to thinking. The more countries raise retirement age, the more they strangle the job prospects of students entering the work force.

05 Oct 2010

Foreign Interesting

Questions have arisen. Is Osama bin Laden trying to blow a smokescreen, change the subject, by ratcheting up terrorism gossip? Is he secretly funding….

17 Sep 2010

Local Chamber of Commerce Lurches to the Right

It—The Mainstreaming of Radicalism—Can’t Happen Here…until it does: While the radical rightwing makes inroads throughout mainstream Republican circles and too many who call themselves moderate Republicans cave to their thuggery, [former assistant to Dan Quayle] Craig Whitney is leading the [Fargo-Moorhead] Chamber down the same road. As a small business owner and former active member of the Fargo Chamber, put me on record as saying shame.