26 Sep 2009

Prairie Recommends: Frank Rich on Obama’s Afghan Decision

Rich shows the parallels between Obama’s choice about Afghanistan and JFK’s choice about Vietnam…and stirs the pot for old conspiracy theory… hey, it’s Dan Brown week, ya gotta have the conspiracy….

19 Sep 2009

Prairie Recommends: Mayo CEO on healthcare reform

Mayo CEO Dr. Denis Cortese cuts through the clutter and spin in his appearance at the National Press Club.

07 Sep 2009

Prairie Recommends: Taibbi on Health Care Debacle

If you’ve had the growing suspicion that the so-called health care reform effort making its way through the well-$oiled machinations of Washington would end up working out very well for everyone BUT those who need it most..

04 Sep 2009

Book Larnin’ Brouhaha

Never let it be said that the Rethuglicans would waste any opportunity to turn anything…repeat, anything…into an opportunity to politicize and partisanize and disrespect this President.

30 Aug 2009

The Last Link

The current round of health care reform is but the next of an already forged chain….

25 Aug 2009

Prairie Recommends: Bob Herbert on The Ultimate Burden

Vacation state of mind, everybody’s got it right now, except … the precious few with something else entirely on their minds

20 Aug 2009

Prairie Recommends: Joe Klein on GOP Nihilists

Moderation has been neutered in the Republican Party as decisively as Sarah Palin guttin’ a goat.

17 Aug 2009

An Open Letter to My Senator

Dear Kent,
I support the public option….