06 May 2011

Usama bin Laden: Profile of a Coward

He’s dead.  Enough said. Except for this.  Osama Bin Laden lived in a well stocked “compound” (that’s military for “mansion”) for the last five years of his life, sipping on Coke and Pepsi, whiling away his time on what I am sure was state of the art computer equipment. While

11 Apr 2011

Stumbling on The Path To Prosperity

Call Paul Ryan’s budget the Path To Prosperity, The Roadmap for America’s Future, or whatever you want to. Just don’t call it a plan that accomplishes anything, because it doesn’t, so far.

Studying his Roadmap, and his Path as I have, I am now armed with the facts I need to make an educated statement about his budget. To use a pop-phrase, it’s wealth-redistribution. It’s a plan that eliminates none of our debt, and none of our deficit, for the first ten years while cutting services for the Middle Class and giving the Upper Class another ten percent tax cut. I call that wealth redistribution. What do you call it?

The national media is calling his plan a serious attack on the deficit; yet his plan doesn’t balance the budget for twenty-nine years, according to Ryan’s beloved and non=partisan CBO. Doesn’t any plan require that you actually balance the budget within a few years time before it gets the praise “serious!”? And why is no one within the Republican party outraged that it takes so long to balance said budget? Weren’t these the same people who won their elections in November on the strength of their “plans” to balance the budget and fix America’s fiscal mess?

08 Apr 2011

“There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible.” Henry Ford

“There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible.” Henry Ford On January 5, 1914, Henry Ford introduced a minimum wage of $5 per day and Profit Sharing at his factories.  In

07 Mar 2011

Taxed Enough Already; The Real TEA Party Movement In Madison

In the fall of 2008, and then again in early 2009 (TARP), Wall Street received a bailout.  Our elected officials lied to us.  They told us if we bailed these banks and insurance companies out, our economy would not collapse.  But that’s not where the lies started.  Our economy collapsed

04 Mar 2011

Republicans Ignoring the Most Important Demographic In Battle over Collective Bargaining

A recent Rasmussen poll is becoming an eye-opener for Republicans, regarding the battle in Wisconsin and a few other states over the right of public employees to collectively bargain.  It would seem that younger voters especially come down on the side of the unions, as 63% of voters 18-39 years

25 Feb 2011

Republicans Serve Republicans, Democrats Serve Democrats, and No One Serves Americans (You Cannot Serve Two Masters)

The mess in Madison has accomplished its goal; at least as far as the two political parties are concerned. Once again, we have Americans fighting with Americans over a side-show.  Not to belittle the grievances of the unions in Wisconsin, but their battle simply is not the major battle that

24 Feb 2011

David Koch’s Special Access to Governor Scott Walker

On Wednesday, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin received a phone call from a man he believed to be David Koch, multi-billionaire energy monopolist.  The caller wasn’t Koch, but an imposter.   The left side of America went berserk upon listening to soundbites of the phone call, believing they had listened to

22 Feb 2011

Revolution in the Middle East. Can it Happen Here?

The Middle East is ablaze with revolution.  So far, the only blood shed has been by the forces of the status quo.  From Egypt and Tunisia to Libya and Iran, the masses have organized, and left the political parties behind.  And the masses are winning.  It’s about time. The poor

18 Feb 2011

Obama Asked Apple and Intel for Advice on Job Creation? Really?!!!!

Wow! What a week in local and National politics.  In Wisconsin, we have the ongoing Liberal rage over Governor Scott Walker’s decision to remove organized bargaining power on Public Employees for everything except wages in an effort to rein in our out-of-control budget.  Nationally, there is talk of shutting the

08 Feb 2011

Glenn Beck’s Misplaced Outrage About The National Anthem

“Was anybody else offended by…can you put your hand on your heart?” Beck said. “It’s the national anthem!” “I was really offended by the sports players that were just hanging on their jersey,” Beck said. “The country that gives them the ability to…pursue their happiness in peace and safety is