25 Oct 2014

Come Saturday Morning: This and That

The Chicago Sun Times used to be owned in part by Bruce Rauner. Apparently, it still is, as it certainly seems to act that way.

19 Oct 2014

Late Night: Confederate Party Member Forgets He Can’t Flash His Gang Symbols in Public

And before you go off saying that this is just some dirty Commie college prof seeing echoes of the Confederate Battle Flag in Dan Severson’s logo, Bluestem points out that a Republican activist, Jeff Kolb, noted the Confederate evocation months ago.

18 Oct 2014

Come Saturday Morning: Joni Ernst and What the Des Moines Register Won’t Tell You About Her

In the comments section of this post on the craziness that is Joni Ernst, a commenter wondered how it could be possible that the Tea-Partying Ernst could win a US Senate seat. The short answer: Because the local media in Iowa, particularly the Des Moines Register, make a point of not telling all they know about her.

12 Oct 2014

Late Night: Government Shutdown Planned for December 11

Capitol Hill Republicans are planning another shutdown, because they can.

12 Oct 2014

Government Shutdown Planned for December 11

Remember the first-termer Tea-Party-instigated-and-planned Government Shutdown of 2012? The one where the Republicans said that they were trying to force President Obama to undo Obamacare but was pretty much really something they wanted to do just because they could? Remember how relieved you were that the dingbats behind it weren’t

11 Oct 2014

Come Saturday Morning: K-Pop and the New Cultural Rulers

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” didn’t become the most-watched video in YouTube’s history strictly from American clicks. K-Pop is a thing, folks.

05 Oct 2014

Late Night: The State of Play

To bring us all up to speed on current events in the Levant..

04 Oct 2014

Come Saturday Morning: The Tyger

Tyger and Wolf companions, reveal yourselves!

28 Sep 2014

Late Night: SolaRoad, The Dutch Answer to Solar Roadways

Solar roadways, whether SolaRoads or Solar Roadways, are coming. It’s just a question of who gets them first.

27 Sep 2014

Come Saturday Morning: LAT Hounds Non-Hack to Death, CIA Smiles

Reporters who could get away with the sloppiest stuff so long as they attacked the approved targets (hint: nobody ever lost a 1990s gig at the WaPo, LAT, or NYT for going after Bill Clinton or Al Gore, no matter how questionable the evidence), suddenly found themselves holding Gary Webb’s work to much higher standards than they themselves observed.