03 Feb 2011

Victory: Shell Announces They Won’t Drill Offshore Oil in Alaska in 2011

The Arctic has won a reprieve from offshore oil drilling this year. Oil giant, Shell, just announced they won’t pursue offshore oil drilling in the fragile Arctic environment in 2011.

This one-year delay was a hard-fought victory for environmentalists.

26 Jan 2011

The State of the Union and the Environment

In these challenging times it will not be surprising if President Obama glosses over critical environmental issues in his State of the Union address January 25. The nation is struggling to find jobs for the unemployed, we are still at war in two countries, and recent tragedies deserve to be addressed. But the State of the Union is also the opportunity to lay out for Congress but more importantly the public what the President hopes to do this year. And while working to restore people’s economic and security confidence, the President must also promote policies that will protect public health by protecting the environment.

29 Nov 2010

Greenpeace Sues Dow, Sasol, Dezenhall for Corporate Spying, RICO

Today, Greenpeace filed a lawsuit against Dow Chemical, Sasol North America (which owns CONDEA Vista), and PR firms Dezenhall Resources and Ketchum, for hiring private investigators to steal documents from Greenpeace, tap our phones and hack into our computers.

07 Oct 2010

White House Hid the Truth on Spill: The Truth and the Oil is Still Out There

The President’s National Oil Spill Commission released preliminary findings from its investigation into BP’s oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Read about how the White House hid the truth on the spill.

22 Sep 2010

Going Beyond Oil

Despite disaster after disaster, Big Oil continues reckless drilling projects in the Arctic and around the globe. It’s time to move beyond oil once and for all. Here’s what we’re doing about it.

08 Sep 2010

A Call for Direct Action in the Climate Movement: We Need Your Ideas

Federal scientists have concluded that we’ve just come through the warmest six months, the warmest year, and the warmest decade in human history. Nineteen nations have set new all-time temperature records; the mercury in Pakistan reached 129 degrees, the hottest temperature ever seen in Asia. And there’s nothing abstract about those numbers, not with Moscow choking on smoke from its epic heat wave and fires, not with Pakistan half washed away from its unprecedented flooding.

20 Aug 2010

Dear White House Re: Oil Spill Not Gone

My letter to the White House this week:

Dear Ms. Browner,

During the week of August 4, 2010, you served as the administration’s principle spokesperson appearing on multiple national television programs, including NBC’s Meet the Press and ABC’s Good Morning America, to report findings from the interagency BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Budget. You stated repeatedly that “the vast majority of the oil appears to be gone.”

This week, multiple independent scientists have released calculations and investigations that show quite the opposite:

* from the University of Georgia that upwards of seventy nine percent of the spilled oil still remains in the Gulf

* from the University of South Florida oil found on the bottom of the ocean in a vast area of subsea canyons some 40 miles from the Florida panhandle

* and from the Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institution, published today in Science, new mapping of the disputed massive underwater plumes of oil.

02 Jul 2010

After 11 Weeks of Disaster, Time for Freedom From Oil (Photos)

A photo slideshow of the past 11 weeks of oil.

24 Jun 2010

Obama Administration Keeps Promise on Whale Conservation at International Talks

While the nations that gathered failed to come to an agreement that could help save whales – largely because countries like Japan refuse to stop slaughtering whales – the President and his team stood their ground in the end.

22 Jun 2010

New Jersey Chemical Plant Puts 12 Million at Risk, Threatens Most Lives in New York City

Today, Greenpeace announced that our citizens’ inspection of the Kuehne Chemical plant near New York City in South Kearny, NJ showed that the two million pounds of Chlorine gas on site puts up to 12 million people in the New York area at risk.