24 Aug 2011

Koch Industries Lobbying Puts Over 100 Million Americans in Danger

Recent Greenpeace analysis of lobbying disclosure records reveals that since 2005, Koch Industries has hired more lobbyists than Dow and Dupont to fight legislation that could protect over 100 million Americans from what national security experts say is a catastrophic risk from the bulk storage of poison gasses at dangerous

01 Jul 2011

Germany Sets the Bar for a Green Energy Future

Today is a historic day in Germany and for green energy world wide. The German Parliament has made a precedent setting move – not only have they set a plan to phase out all nuclear by 2022, but the Parliament has committed to renewable energy like wind and solar as

27 Jun 2011

“Natural” Gas Fails the Sniff Test

Top decisionmakers in Washington seem to have forgotten that “natural” gas is a fossil fuel, with some of the same damning negatives as coal and oil. For instance, unlike renewables, “natural” gas is an energy source we will exhaust – possibly sooner than previously thought. Let’s not forget that the

13 Jun 2011

Companies Like Mattel Are Still Pushing Sumatran Tigers to the Brink (VIDEO)

Mattel’s paper purchasing polices are weaker than Ken’s plastic handshake. Poor Barbie. She’s survived fifty years of bad outfits, sudden beheadings at the hands of younger brothers and the wrath of feminists everywhere. Underneath that fixed smile is a steely determination that has pushed this character to the front of

07 Jun 2011

Barbie’s fairytale interrupted by the roar of a thousand chainsaws

A long time ago, in a land far, far away, Greenpeace sent Mattel a letter. Our researchers had discovered Barbie’s not so magical secret: her packaging is linked to the destruction of Indonesia’s rainforests. For some reason, it took America’s biggest toy company two months to send any kind of

24 May 2011

In Chicago, coal is the real crime

A sad fact of living in an American city like Chicago is that every time we open a newspaper or switch on the local news, we hear of some senseless, tragic crime that has claimed an innocent life. We become outraged, and we demand justice for those who have lost

13 May 2011

Students Gear up to Protest Exxon Graduation Speech

As college students around the country are wrapping up their semesters, graduating seniors at Worcester Polytechnical Institute (WPI) find themselves in the midst of an ethical controversy. On Saturday, WPI’s commencement speaker is none other than oil baron Rex Tillerson, CEO and chairman of ExxonMobil, although perhaps you’re more familiar

13 May 2011

Salem Citizens Win Against Big Coal

A mother and daughter protest the Salem Coal Plant

This week the people of Salem, Massachusetts got the news they’ve been waiting for years to hear: the 60 year old, dirty coal plant in their community that leads to 53 premature deaths per year is shutting down.

The Harvard School of Public Health reported that pollution from the Salem Harbor Coal Plant not only leads to 53 premature deaths per year, but also 570 emergency room visits a year, 14,000 asthma attacks a year, and nearly 100,000 daily incidents of upper respiratory irritation.

This victory for our health and the health of our children would not have been possible without the decades of hard work from communities across Massachusetts and beyond. Families that didn’t need a Harvard report to know the plant was causing asthma attacks, heart disease, respiratory illnesses, and even premature death.

Greenpeace was one of the groups that answered their call, along with the Salem Alliance
for the Environment, Healthlink, Conservation Law Foundation, and the Sierra Club.

Greenpeace first visited Salem Harbor in 2001 when we sailed the Rainbow Warrior to
the plant. There 15 of our volunteers crossed the line of the plant and posted crosses
in the coal pile to honor and protest the deaths caused by this coal plant each year.

We continued to work side by side with local community members and this year stopped
in Massachusetts with another one of our ships, the Arctic Sunrise. The ship was on its
Coal-Free Future Ship Tour, stopping in cities along the East Coast to support local coal
fights. The Arctic Sunrise requested a visit to Salem but was denied entry. The activists
were not deterred; Salem and Marblehead residents headed to the State House in Boston
to call on Governor Patrick to shut down the Salem Harbor Coal Plant.

The people of Massachusetts have paved the way for change across the country. They’ve
shown us that if we’re determined, if we’re organized, and if we don’t give up, we can
stand up to Big Coal.

10 May 2011

A battle for the Earth’s last remaining frontier

There are clear signs that a new Arctic oil rush has begun. Earlier this month Shell submitted plans to the US government for for new drilling in the icy waters off Alaska’s north coast, and now a Scottish company has won permission to take a similar gamble near Greenland. Tomorrow

03 May 2011

TEPCO discovery of Fukushima sediment contamination in areas identified by Greenpeace

TEPCO, the owners of the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, just announced that they found contamination levels 100 to 1,000 times higher than normal in sediment from the Fukushima coast. TEPCO did the sediment testing late last week—in areas Greenpeace identified for testing in our research plan—after we