03 May 2012

Protecting Our Communities From a Chemical Disaster

When was the last time you heard about Republicans and Democrats agreeing on something? Recently, the Center for Public Integrity reported that on April 3, Christine Todd Whitman, former governor of New Jersey and Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under President George W. Bush sent a letter to

20 Apr 2012

BP’s Gulf of Mexico Disaster: Two Years Later, Where Is The Response?

Co-Authored by Phil Radford, Executive Director of Greenpeace USA and Aaron Viles, Deputy Director of Gulf Restoration Network The BP disaster turns two this week. Two years since the nation was reminded that offshore drilling is dirty, dangerous, and deadly.  Two years since the slow-motion disaster began changing our region,

15 Feb 2012

2012 is Make or Break (the Planet) for Dirty Duke Energy

Right now, Greenpeace’s new Rainbow Warrior, our flagship, is docked in Southport, NC -smack in the center of Duke Energy’s domain. Our activists have just descended from the 400-ft smokestack of Progress’s Asheville Generating Station and been arrested. Progress Energy and Duke Energy (NYSE:DUK) are pursuing a merger that will

02 Feb 2012

Following SEC complaint, Greenpeace asks TransCanada for honest Keystone XL jobs explanation

    TransCanada has some explaining to do. Greenpeace just sent a letter to TransCanada’s CEO, Russ Girling, as well as the company’s board of directors asking for complete documentation of how it came to its inflated conclusions on Keystone XL pipeline jobs here in the U.S. That letter is

19 Jan 2012

Obama Stands up to Big Oil and Polluter Politicians

President Obama stood up to Big Oil and its puppets in Congress and denied a permit for the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline yesterday. This is encouraging news for the communities whose air and water would have been directly threatened by this pipeline, from Canada to Nebraska to the Gulf

10 Jan 2012

Trimming Astroturf From the American Petroleum Institute’s ‘Vote 4 Energy’ Ad

It’s not surprising that the American Petroleum Institute — Big Oil’s premium lobbying entity — is using a synthetic media strategy. Their Vote 4 Energy astroturf campaign spews misinformation like a two-stroke engine belching greenhouse gasses. It attempts to portray ‘real (cough cough) Americans’ who are ‘energy voters,’ which translates

22 Dec 2011

Big Coal and Oil Play Dirty but EPA Mercury Ruling Proves We’d Rather Keep It Clean

Starting today, we can begin to breathe, eat, and drink a bit easier. The EPA begins enforcement of the Mercury and Air Toxics standard, a 20-year-old mandate that set limits on mercury emissions from coal and oil-fired power plants. These safeguards are not for show. They reflect a raft of

15 Dec 2011

21st Century Activism: Why big business doesn’t always have to be the bad guy

Over the past few years, we’ve campaigned hard against Facebook to get them to commit to clean energy – specifically, we wanted them to change their siting policy—the decisions that they make about how to power their massive football-stadium-sized data centers.

08 Sep 2011

Obama’s Job: Protect Us from Pollution [video]

While Obama’s jobs speech is being framed as a turning point for his tenure as President, there is another job I would respectively suggest he concentrate on: protecting the lives of America’s children. Here’s a quick video ad that I think gets right to point: Late last week the President

29 Aug 2011

Shining light on Obama’s tar sands pipeline decision

Photo Credit: Ben Powless This week, President Obama will find hundreds more people in front of the White House – us included – willing to go to jail for peacefully protesting the President’s short-sighted decision to approve the Keystone XL pipeline. President Obama’s decision on this enormous fossil fuel project