20 Nov 2008

Remember Me–Trans Day of Remembrance reflection for LGB folks

I first read the play Hamlet when I was 13 years old. Although I refused to read any assigned books in English class, I secretly read a bunch of unassigned books on the side. Hamlet had been one of my first covert literary diversions. I still remember how moved I

12 Nov 2008

Ex-Gay Survivors on Dutch TV

Scott Tucker and David Christie, former clients of Love in Action, now openly gay and living in NYC, recently sat down with a reporter from the Netherlands for a TV segment that is now available on-line. (It's all in English) In looking at photos and even video they shot when

06 Nov 2008

Hair You Can Straighten. Gays??? Not So Much!

Colorado-area and national groups Beyond Ex-Gay, Soulforce, Truth Wins Out, the Colorado Queer Straight Alliance, PFLAG, the GLBT Center of Colorado, Our Savior's Lutheran Church, the Religious Society of Friends and more have been working the past few months to organize a public response to this weekend's NARTH conference. NARTH=the

03 Nov 2008

Why Sarah Palin Terrifies Me

Terror Alert!! Sarah Palin in federal office?! Knowing where she comes religiously, this could be VERY scary. From 1985-1995 I lived in NYC as a born-again Christian with a strong Charismatic bent that bent even further into the world of Pentecostal Holiness. Evil spirits, doctrines of demons, spiritual warfare filled

09 Oct 2008

Reflecting on WHY some tried to De-Gay themselves (even in England)

This week the Times of London ran  an article about that ex-gay movement. Also this week I received an e-mail from a fellow ex-gay survivor, an Englishman I really respect. We initially met through the Gay Christian Network, and then hung out together at the wonderful Greenbelt Festival in England

14 Sep 2008

Religious Odyssey–The Crazy Places We Go!

My religious trajectory began in the Roman Catholic Church and landed me in many of the Christian religious movements of the past 30 years. At age 17 I left Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Lake Huntington, NY with its tinny sounding organ and hymns sung in impossible

13 Sep 2008

Trapped in the Ex-Gay Board Game

Hello, my name is Vlad. I have been in this Homo No Mo Halfway House for 27 days. Here in Homo No Mo Halfway House we have Five Phases, we do 12 Steps and there are approximately 275 rules. First I tell you about the phases. When we move from phase

08 Sep 2008

Vice Presidental Contender & the Ex-Gay Treatment

It's been on the blogs all weekend and now the Associated Press also reports that Sarah Palin, the Republican vice president nominee, attends a church that promotes ex-gay ministries, namely Focus on the Family's Love Won Out day-long conference that tries to convince parents and pastors that God can “transform

23 Aug 2008

Transfigurations in DC & Beyond

On Monday I begin a three city tour of my new play, a one-person, multi-character, multi-gender play, Transfigurations — Transgressing Gender in the Bible, which explores the lives of transgender Bible characters. On Tuesday August 26, 2008 I will present the play at the headquarters of the Human Rights Campaign

16 Aug 2008

The Shame & Blame Game in Ex-Gay Programs

The program leaders at Love in Action (LIA) and in all the other ex-gay programs I attended (along with the counselors I saw and authors of the ex-gay books I read) believed in a development model leading to homosexual desire and activity. Although each ex-gay therapist or minister used different