27 Feb 2009

The Gender Confusion Among Some Religious Leaders

Autumn Sandeen writes here at Pam's about the TransAction Day in US schools and the uninformed responses by folks like Randy Thomas at Exodus International, an ex-gay organization. Randy writes,  We have to be completely vigilant about what our children are being taught in schools. Parents need to pay attention

25 Feb 2009

Thoughts About Sex

Cross posted and updated from A Musing.  I've been thinking a lot about sex these days. No, not the pornographic, salacious thoughts (well, not mostly). I've been thinking about the role of sex in my personal development and especially in the dreadfully complex and dangerous route I took in order

21 Feb 2009


Although Pam's House Blend is not known as a place for poems, I have one that I'd like to share. As someone who lived in a Biblically Induced Coma for two decades, I've needed to come up with creative ways to recover. Comedy, writing plays and poetry have been a

17 Feb 2009

Demands that Destroy Dreams

I have often thought that ex-gay/anti-gay group PFOX, the Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays, should really be called The Disgruntled Parents of Unrepentant Gay and Lesbians. That may be harsh and not true of some of the parents genuinely looking for answers in light of much misinformation that they learned

06 Feb 2009

Body Shame & Transfiguration

I will prepare all day for this evening's performance of Transfigurations–Transgressing Gender in the Bible. In addition to the internal prep (running lines, envisioning each character, etc) I have external work to do. I need to iron all the costumes and scarves. I then need to work on a physical

03 Feb 2009

Sobering News & Things to do

(crossposted from A Musing) A little over a week ago I saw the film Milk right on the heels of seeing the documentary Chasing the Devil in the Ex-Gay Movie. It may sound blasphemous, but I didn't like the Milk film that much. A few years back I had seen

01 Feb 2009

SEX in an Ex-Gay Program

All this chatter out there about Ted Haggard and the sex he claims he did or did not have, got me thinking about sex in the ex-gay programs I attended. Some people come to ex-gay programs sexually naive. They never had sex in their lives and have little idea where

12 Jan 2009

Why Did I go Ex-Gay???

For the past few years I have looked deeply into my ex-gay odyssey, a fruitless and damaging diversion that lasted nearly two decades. Why did I try to de-gay myself? Was it just all about Jesus or where other factors influencing, pressuring, coercing me?  In the video below I look

24 Dec 2008

An Open Letter to Our Oppressors

In light of the passage of Proposition 8 with the denial and removal of rights for gay and lesbian couples, and the other anti-gay ballot measures recently passed, the inclusion of Rick Warren in the upcoming US presidential inauguration festivities, and recent anti-gay comments by the Pope (along with may

27 Nov 2008

A Homo No Mo Thanksgiving

I do a monolog called A Homo No Mo Christmas, sort of Charlie Brown meets Graham Norton. I start the piece by talking about the first Homo No Mo Thanksgiving. I entered the Love in Action ex-gay residential program in July of 1996 with a group of five other guys.