11 Sep 2009

Transgressing Gender on the Radio

Have a listen to today's Where We Live program Transgressing Gender. I appeared on the program to talk about transgender Bible characters as they appear in my play Transfigurations–Transgressing Gender in the Bible. Also on the show performance artist Scott Turner Schofield spoke about his one-person show, How to Become

12 Jul 2009

Brüno, Marvin and Me

Last night my beau and I saw the Brüno film. Seems we were not the only ones; it will be the number one film in the US this weekend. Marvin Bloom also saw Brüno. This former ex-gay and now gay Christian Jew for Jesus didn't enjoy it nearly as much

11 Jul 2009

Bryce & Zach–Two Different Ex-Gay Coersions

Many people may already be aware of the story of Bryce Faulkner, a young man who as far as we know has been coerced to leave his boyfriend and attend an ex-gay program somewhere in the US. I wrote about Bryce's situation here. Many have expressed their outrage and concern

10 Apr 2009

Standing UP & Standing OUT

Cross posted from A Musing. Earlier this week I received an e-mail from a gay Christian blogger. He often goes on rants about the word QUEER suggesting that if ANYONE uses it, this reveals serious problems with the person. The blogger insists that users of the word QUEER have given

18 Mar 2009

Unclean? NO way! Overcoming church-based shame

(cross-post from A Musing) I remember how dirty and shameful I felt as a teenager. I think a lot of it had to do with the reality that I had been sexually abused by an older guy when I was quite young–seven, eight and nine years old. Through the abuse,

09 Mar 2009

Getting Myself out of the Ex-Gay Mess

(cross posted from A Musing)  I write A LOT about ex-gay stuff and my own ex-gay experiences–why I did it, how I did it and the results (mostly damage but not exclusively). I talk about being an ex-gay survivor, but that doesn’t mean I am a VICTIM. Yes, I have

06 Mar 2009

Sexual Assualt–a Transgender Woman’s Account

Earlier this week I posted about two areas where transgender people remain invisible to non-trans people. I shared some of Shannon's homily where she told accounts concerning employment and health care. Today I share the third and last section of Shannon's homily–a section about sexual assault. When I first heard

05 Mar 2009

Bullying the Queers

Some people hate the word QUEER. They find it offensive and derisive–a term no self-respecting gay or lesbian should use to describe themselves. . For many LGBT people the word carries a history of abuse, oppression and even violence. Marvin Bloom also has severe problems with the word QUEER as

03 Mar 2009

Trans People at the Doctors

Yesterday I posted the story of a transgender person and the sort of stories many of us non-trans people do not hear about employment concerns of transgender individuals. In her homily about “how transgender lives are mostly invisible to the community around us,” Shannon shares the story of the indignities

02 Mar 2009

Invisibility : Trans People On the Job

Last month I presented Transfigurations–Transgressing Gender in the Bible at a conference in Seattle sponsored by the United Methodist Church. As I related in my blog post about it, the Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN) of the Pacific Northwest decided to focus primarily on transgender issues at the event. After all