21 Apr 2010

Queer and Queerer Ep. 2 – GetEQUAL, Leaving Catholicism, Gaypril, and Glee

Peterson and Zack return with some pretty serious conversations this week! We discuss the latest GetEQUAL direct action, the process by which someone formally leaves the Catholic Church (and why you’d bother), the phenomenon of Gaypril on college campuses, and we also have some debate about whether Glee has “jumped

17 Apr 2010

Queer and Queerer–A new Podcast

Perhaps partly inspired by the delicious breezy style of Mila & Jayna Pavlin with their Trans-Ponder podcast, blogger Zack Ford and I recorded our first episode of Queer and Queerer, in which we “discuss” queer pop crooner Rufus Wainwright and his recent allusion to the gayness of rapper 50 Cent,

15 Mar 2010

American Ex-Gays bearing a Gospel of Death and Destruction

Last week my partner, Glen Retief, and I flew to Oslo, Norway to present at an international conference that contributed to an on-going discussion about human rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people in a variety of countries. The Norwegian Foreign Ministry decided three years ago to use

19 Dec 2009

Christians Gone Wild over the Baby Jesus

Marvin Bloom, regularly contributes on Trans-Ponder Podcast with his Moments with Marvin segments and also appears in my play Doin' Time the Homo No Mo Halfway House. Raised Jewish in Long Island, NY, Marvin is now a born-again Christian–A Jew for Jesus. In this video freaks out about Christmas and

16 Dec 2009

A Very Homo No Mo Christmas

The holidays can be a drag. My all time worst and weirdest Christmas was spent at a residential ex-gay program in Memphis, TN where they attempted to de-gay me. Hair can be straightened. Gays? Not so much. In the midst of the bizarre rules, the gender realignment exercises and the

14 Dec 2009

On TransFM tonight Naughty & Nice

Although I am no Autumn Sandeen rocking the Signorelli show, I will be on TransFM radio tonight beginning at 8 pm EST. It is a free form interview with Ethan St. Pierre, so anything can happen. I will tell tales about the Homo No Mo Halfway House, tell some saucy

13 Dec 2009

Gay Bashed in Hartford

cross-posted from A Musing Wayne, a man who attends Hartford Friends Meeting (Quaker) has always striked me as such a nice guy, someone with whom I feel I could attend either a baseball game or an opera and have a good time, told the following story. Back on Christmas Eve

11 Dec 2009

Calling All Transgender Allies–Yes YOU!

For the past three weeks some gay men have publicly offended, marginalized, and misrepresented transgender issues and individuals. I have written about some of that mess here: Remembering Jorge while Forgetting what Binds Us. People have been at work publicly and behind the scenes to speak directly to the gay

09 Dec 2009

Quaker Queries about Transgender Inclusion in GLb(t) Orgs

Cross-posted from A Musing. Last month I got involved with a lot of activism around transgender issues and particularly the inappropriate and offensive actions of some queer organizations and gay men. You can read about it at my post: Remembering Jorge while Forgetting what Binds Us. Oliver Danni, a deliciously

01 Dec 2009

Remembering Jorge while Forgetting What Binds Us

A funny thing happened on the way to the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) this year, funny as in odd, as in wrong. While the LGBTQ community & allies gathered to remember the over 160 people worldwide who died as a result of transphobic attacks this past year (most of