05 Feb 2010

Trying to do the right thing

I have a situation that isn’t working out right and I hope this great collection of minds can help me through it. I’m a gay man and volunteer at the Ruth Ellis Center in Detroit. Most of my tasks are in the kitchen. I serve meals to a lot of

22 Sep 2009

Protecting us against “Protect the Kids!”

Matt Forman recently noted (deep in the comments of this post) we're not sure how to overcome the “We must protect the kids!” meme that our opponents use when denouncing gay marriage (or domestic partnerships). An idea came to me in the shower today. If it is worth anything Consider

19 Sep 2009

Reconciling Ministries and the United Methodist Church

I spent my long Labor Day weekend at YMCA of the Rockies, next to Rocky Mountain National Park attending the Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN) Convocation. My schedule has been a bit hectic since that trip, which is why I'm posting my report now. RMN is an organization working to get

28 Apr 2009

Let’s make it a bit more personal, shall we?

A bill before the Michigan legislature would legalize adoption by unmarried partners. Gary Glenn of American Family Association in Michigan doesn't like that idea, because gays could adopt kids. He trots out the familiar argument that a kid needs both a mother and a father. But wouldn't it be better

03 Feb 2009

Can we talk?

Richard Mouw, president of Fuller Theological  Seminary in Pasadena, is this week’s essayist in the My Turn page of Newsweek. He is upset with the way we’ve been screeching at each other over gay marriage, rather than calmly discussing it. He voted for Prop. 8 but doesn’t consider himself “the

10 Dec 2008

Adding insult to injury?

Adding insult to injury? A lot of people (including me) are convinced that Bush committed crimes while in office. Many are disappointed he was not impeached and tried in the Senate. That leads to the question of what Obama should do about Bush? Open investigations and risk a partisan fight

22 Sep 2008

Can’t figure it out

As Stewardship Guide for my local church I am proposing a new Vision Statement. I spoke yesterday about why we need one — the old one was so bland as to be meaningless — and will speak on the coming weeks about each sentence of the vision. I'll later host

28 Aug 2008

Incompatible with the profit motive

Both presidential candidates are pushing preventative care to save health care money. A recent paper in the New England Journal of Medicine by Peter Neumann and Joshua Cohen and others at the Tufts Medical Center says not so fast. Yes, something simple as routine blood pressure checking does indeed save

26 Jun 2008

Documentary: Bigger Stronger Faster

I went out to a movie theater today to see the documentary “Bigger Stronger Faster: The Side Effect of Being American.” Chris Bell, when a kid, idolized Hulk Hogan and Arnold, and was dismayed to find so many sports heroes were on steroids. So, starting with his brothers, “Mad Dog”

27 May 2008

How will race affect the race?

Newsweek’s cover stories this week are about how race and Obama will affect the presidential race. http://www.newsweek.com/id/138611 This link is to the first story. There are more articles in the right sidebar. I haven’t read it yet (it came today) and I may not before I leave for vacation. I’m