26 Dec 2014

The Interview: The Healing and Transformative Power of the Arts to Build Bridges of Peace

As children were being incinerated by Awesome American Ordinance during the sultry days of last summer – while Americans fired up their Kindles on their beach vacations and Palestinians became kindling as Gaza burned, a group of Hollywood artists penned a letter of support for the imperial actions of our

13 Dec 2014

Beginning to Look a lot Like Christians

Rio Rancho, NM high school teacher Katrina Guarascio received the gift of unemployment this holiday season from one of her students who became offended after a peer turned in a creative writing assignment that led to Guarascio being turned in to school officials. Guarascio asked her students to rework a

27 Nov 2014

A Thank/sgiving Day Appreciation

Thank you NSA, for deciding that I cannot have privacy…ever : your fascism is breathtaking. Thank you oligarchs, for decimating the middle class and ending class mobility forever : your greed is stultifying. Thank you industrial farmers, for killing the soil with chemicals : your destroying biodiversity is unceasing. Thank

22 Nov 2014

The Inevitability of Democratic Dry-Doperism

“It would be irresponsible for me as the chief law enforcement officer to take a position based on its popularity without thinking it would actually work” – Kamala Harris, candidate for California Attorney General, 2014 “I am not opposed to the legalization of marijuana, there’s a certain inevitability about it.”

12 Nov 2014

War is a racket…would you like to buy some surplus military hardware?

In Sonny Boy Williamson’s song called “Decoration Day” he sings that his deceased wife asked him before she passed to bring flowers to her grave on every Decoration Day. Already a holiday of remembrance for the nearly half a million Civil War dead when the song was recorded in Aurora,

06 Nov 2014

The Imitation of Christ a Public Safety Violation in Ft. Lauderdale

A 90 year old man was arrested in Ft. Lauderdale for violating the city’s new public safety ordinance as he attempted to bring safety to disenfranchised members of the public. Arnold Abbott, a longtime Ft. Lauderdale philanthropist who created the Love Thy Neighbor charity in memory of his wife who

29 Oct 2014

Cultural Custodians, Capitalists and Cannabis Companies Create Candy Consumption Confusion

With Halloween creeping up on us, cannabists are being exposed again to the annual defamatory ritual, sprung from the minds of manipulative propagandists, mouthed by local, state and federal police forces and consumed like fun-sized candy bars by ill-informed and scared silly suburbanites (really, scared to the point of believing

22 Oct 2014

Christ Needs to Tap One of Those Rich Dudes in Heaven

Biblical financial self-help pitchman Dave Ramsey, whose get-rich-scheme is to convince followers of the first century homeless preacher called Jesus of Nazareth (who advised cult members to “give up all you own and follow me”) that they can become get-rich-quick-Christians by buying his greed absolving screeds and who is featured

20 Oct 2014

Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Wall!

Over the past months the national media have stumbled upon the fact that the Great American Prohibition of cannabis has some pretty nasty consequences for regular ‘folks’, as the president likes to refer to us. Perhaps you have followed the stories of the knowing and on-going aggressive application of our

10 Oct 2014

Voter Suppression as American Black Comedy

[Yes, Lewis Black uses a bad word, NSFW! NSFW!] As we careen toward another day of the national expression of our citizens’ desire to affect policy and choose our leaders in this the world’s oldest constitutional democracy – political electees (as usual) are scrambling to thwart the ability of Americans