22 Jan 2012

Medicare changes/Doc Fix, UE/2% payroll tax cut, and Keystone XL oil pipeline grand bargain

I know we are all familiar by now with how Obama loves to package sell outs to the GOP/right wing in packages that include things that are good for the country and which the left therefore want passed. I fear there is another one of these coming down the pike

21 Jan 2012

Son of SOPA/PIPA – HR1981 attacking internet privacy – heads toward House vote

H.R.1981 – Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011 – To amend title 18, United States Code, with respect to child pornography and child exploitation offenses. (2nd more recent version at http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/D?c112:2:./temp/~c112dxwTin:: – – on December 16, 2011 The Committee on Energy and Commerce discharged; committed to the Committee

20 Jan 2012

Greek debt deal likely as 2% coupon becomes variable 4% coupon

Private investors have just over 200 billion euros in Greek government bonds and were being pushed by Germany and the ECB to accept a 50% haircut and a 2% coupon on the replacement bonds, but they have resisted the coupon rate so strenuously that they appear to have obtained a

16 Jan 2012

Colbert: If Corporations are people, Mitt is a serial Killer

I really can’t think much to add beyond the Corporations have bought our government – and personhood – but it is the rich folks that make the corporate decisions and who should go to jail when they harm the 99%.. David Swanson has suggestions on how to fix this problem

10 Jan 2012

DEM NH Primary Result: Obama 82%, Firepups 18%

Since the topic tonight is the NH Primary and not just the NH Republican Primary, we should mention that Obama got 36,000 votes or 82% of the Democratic vote based on 78% of the vote in at 11 pm. So the size of the Firedog crowd in the Democratic Party

09 Jan 2012

Finally NYT notes “Japan failure” is a lie – albeit in an op-ed

The 1/6/12 op-ed by the author Eamonn Fingleton is the first MSM acknowledgment that the GOP con-job about a Japan with “lost decades” since the Japanese stock market crash in 1990 is lie by GOP politicians and economists that choose to not do their own basic research. Even center-right pundits

07 Jan 2012

Nanoscale Wires defy quantum predictions

Quantum theory has served us well over the last 100 years despite it being a rejection of cause and effect, action reaction, Newtonian concepts. But action at a distance with no proximate cause other than an a far away action at such a large distance that it defies speed of

02 Jan 2012

1/3/12 First Israeli/Palestinian talks since 10/2010 start – but US not invited/has nothing to offer

The Amman, Jordan, talks about future talks that would be formal direct peace negotiations begin tomorrow, the failure of these talks about talks being needed by the Palestinians as a starting point for the year’s push to get the UN to recognize Palestine as a State (UNESCO already does so

02 Jan 2012

Obama to protect Medicare? – Obama & GOP already agree on how to cut it.

Obama is not about controlling Medical cost inflation via single payer basic health for all with a Maryland style pricing panel for procedures and a requirement that providers accept that payment as payment in full. No – Obama and the GOP agree that they will limit the growth of Medicare

23 Dec 2011

Obama as tax cutter – fighting the GOP for tax cuts for the middle class

At the end of the spring the Congress will be pushed to extended the Bush tax cuts and we will have the Obama dance about how he wants only to extend them for those under $250,000, but must extend them for all because the GOP are so mean. In a