06 May 2012

Pelosi/Banks/Obama again endorse Simpson-Bowles post election so as to avoid Clinton rates returning.

Oh I know Obama is again letting White House leaks do the talking as he says he is into saving (what does that word mean to Obama?) Social Security and Medicare – and Joe Biden on today’s Sunday talk says they will let the Clinton rates return for everyone if

26 Apr 2012

Time to increase Social Security Benefits – Are you with us?

With our corporate controlled/Wall street directed government’s fear of regulation lest the rich not get rich enough, the FDR three legs of the retirement stool has been reduced to one for most people as personal savings invested in safe bank stocks are have reduced lifetime savings by 80% for many

16 Apr 2012

Romney’s weak ideas for a war on progressives

According to news sources http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-57414582-503544/reports-romney-reveals-potential-tax-deduction-and-spending-cuts-at-fundraiser/, Romney wants to make substantial cuts at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and to make the Department of Education a “heck of a lot smaller,” but not eliminate the department completely since he wants it to push back against teachers’ unions. So how

12 Apr 2012

Obama/Ins Co’s push Accountable Care as cost control in lieu of Single payer with budget, despite CBO Report

Accountable Care – financial incentives for physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers to better coordinate care and improve the health of Medicare beneficiaries while lowering their costs – has failed in Massachusetts due to most care providers not signing up in the areas where it was being tested and cost

10 Apr 2012

God, Gay, Christian and Jew – thoughts during a Holy Week

I regularly attend quite a few religious events and due to a mixed background and even more mixed relatives and children, those events occur in different faith settings where there are different views on the relationship of gay and God. So, having many gay friends, I was pondering how the

30 Mar 2012

Building an alternative “bio” fuel that skips growing plants – just biology + photovoltaics = a new “electrofuel” system

While I am an algae advocate and indeed algae based bio-fuel production is a few years ahead of other methods on the road to a scale-up of the process for commercial use, as methods are worked out to get the cost down to compete with gasoline, there are still other

21 Mar 2012

Will Obama’s Fed give foreign banks a pass on Dodd-Frank rules?

We know the Fed likes to rescue foreign banks – those AIG 100% payoffs rather that market based 80% payoffs were forced on AIG so as to not harm foreign banks (and not harm Goldman and a few other friends of Obama US banks). Now Foreign banks are acting like

16 Mar 2012

How a Bank turns your new loan into this years bonus

One of the more amazing features of American capitalism is the fact of bank failures in a system that makes making money as a bank so easy – it is perhaps the best proof that the best and the brightest are not running our financial institutions, just legacy folks with

15 Mar 2012

First NCAA Final Four in 112 years – MIT Plays 3/16 – world ends 3/17

There was a time when the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. Mass avoided all things that smacked of sports page sports. Oh they went to fencing matches and the tiddlywinks finals in London, sailed and crewed and did a lot of dorm and club and Intramural sports (51 sports

13 Mar 2012

Deficit, Economic class gap, the wealth Tax, and Fairness under Obama

Well, we have a deficit greater than the $400 billion that we could handle forever if GDP grows the usual 2.5 to 3% in the future. And it was caused mainly by GWBush, and makes worse the inequality gap between rich and poor, and is made worse by every GOP