24 Jan 2011

Obama’s $186 Billion Tax Cut Stimulus Via a One-Year $112 Billion Payroll Tax Cut

So where the hell do we get “even bigger a bill than the stimulus” – do I see GOP crocodile tears?

10 Nov 2010

$4 trillion savings equals Cat Food commission changes – or return to Clinton tax rates

The middle class and poor would be much better off with a return to Clinton tax rates and the subsequent decrease of $4 trillion to the projected deficits, compared to the misery one can expect from the $4 trillion in savings from the cat food commission changes.

10 Nov 2010

Catfood Commission Prelim Report Screw Seniors, Kills Employer Health

Cutting Social Security, the mortgage interest deduction, and employer health deduction so as to give the rich a lower max tax rate of 23% – good thing we have a Democratic President.

01 Nov 2010

Bank Servicing Fee (Based on Principal Amount) Kills Loan Modification efforts

Banks lose on principal reductions while investors in loans win – but Fed refuses to regulate Banks.

16 Oct 2010

Numbers That Say No Increase for Social Security Retirees Appear to Be in Error

The index used to determined the cost of living increase for retires says costs went down in 2009, despite the standard cost of living index saying costs have increased every year.

23 Sep 2010

NAIC Pushes Insurance Co’s Medical Loss Ratio Regulation Interpretation to Obama’s HHS

The National Association of Ins Commissioners today released a draft suggestion to Obama on how he should have HHS enforce the HCR reform that requires beginning in January 2011 85 cents of every dollar to be actually spent on claims rather than leaving companies free to pay as little as they can as claims so the the CEO and his team get their bonus and the shareholders can get their ever larger dividends.