19 Oct 2013

Updating NOM’s Marriage Map

This Summer, after legislatures in Rhode Island, Delaware and Minnesota granted same-sex couples the freedom to marry and the US Supreme Court struck down California’s discriminatory Proposition 8 as well as the federal Defense of Marriage Act, National Organization for Marriage put on a brave face and posted a map.

The map was inaccurate as soon as it was posted because it erroneously depicted California as a state with “marriage in jeopardy” rather than what it was by that date, a marriage equality state.

18 Oct 2013

A Class Action Suit Against Homosexuality? Yes! Yes! A Thousand Times Yes!

Any ridiculous notion of a “class action suit against homosexuality” is just that – a ridiculous notion. I’ve used many adjectives to describe the religious right, but I would never use the word “stupid.” They have neither the guts nor the stupidity to do something so dumb. Not only would it embarrass them but it would totally wreck their credibility.

16 Oct 2013

NOM apparently OK With Homosex in School Bathrooms

Never thought I’d see the day when one of National Organization for Marriage’s front groups has no quarrel with homosex in school bathrooms. 😉

15 Oct 2013

Comedy Alert – Family Research Council Defends The American Family Association From Charges of Being a Hate Group

To paraphrase the hackneyed question about “buying a used car,” I have to ask “would you trust any tale of anti-Christian persecution coming from any organization which employs these two guys?”

12 Oct 2013

Right-Wing Activist: Gay People Should ‘Keep It Private’

A key part of this monstrosity of an event is always the awful anti-gay comments.

10 Oct 2013

Anti-Gay Group’s Latest Attempt to Create Junk Science on Gay Households Is Simply Pathetic

In the midst of all the mess of this government shutdown, the National Organization for Marriage is trying to establish credibility for a discredited anti-gay parenting study via a tactic I like to call “propping.”

10 Oct 2013

Six Methods of Lies the Anti-Gay Right Uses Against the LGBT Community

Earlier this week, I published a post detailing how the National Organization for Marriage was using a junk science study to prop up another discredited study. This post put me in the mind to repeat six techniques used by religious right groups in order to dehumanize and bear false witness against the lgbt community. I’ve listed them before but a reminder is in order.

09 Oct 2013

Congressional Leaders Called Out for Mingling With Anti-Gay Hate Groups

Even if these groups fail to convince members of Congress to withdraw from the Values Voter Summit, as far as I’m concerned they have won the battle by bringing attention to not only the homophobic rhetoric spewed by these phony Christian groups, but also how members of Congress seem to have no problem giving it a pass.

04 Oct 2013

National Organization for Marriage Involved in Russia’s Anti-Gay Crackdown

In part two of its series of articles demonstrating how American religious right groups are embracing Russia’s homophobic crackdown on its lgbt citizens, People for the American Way’s Right-Wing Watch has just released some interesting information. The National Organizati

02 Oct 2013

Family Research Council Puts Out Ridiculous Self-Congratulatory Video

The Family Research Council has come out with a nauseatingly self-congratulatory video showcasing how the organization supposedly stands up for American values and the family.