02 Dec 2013

Documentary Highlights Damage Done to Uganda by American Anti-Gay Right

The trailer of this documentary ‘God Loves Uganda’ is easily the most heartbreaking thing I have seen in a long time. This is what the American anti-gay right did to this country and it’s awful.

21 Nov 2013

Family Research Council Relying on an Outdated, Flawed Study to Smear LGBT Couples

I was surprised to see this study take such a prominent place on FRC’s webpage. It was my understanding that the organization had kept it shoddy research in the background in lieu of portraying itself and other groups like it as so-called victims of an “aggressive gay agenda.

21 Nov 2013

Peter LaBarbera Fails to Ruin the Party for Illinois Marriage Equality Bill Signing

There are times when you must admit that you have lost and fade away with a smidgen of dignity.

18 Nov 2013

Anti-Gay Group NOM Facing Potential Double Legal Trouble

Right now, if I were a member of the National Organization for Marriage, I wouldn’t be in a good mood.

13 Nov 2013

Anti-Gay Spokesman Spins ENDA Horror Story via Distorted Comments

Another day, another religious right anti-gay smear.

12 Nov 2013

Eugene Delgaudio Only Needs $50,000 to Stop ENDA

Someone get the man a leotard and cape, he’s got superpowers! Eugene Delgaudio, email scam artist and president of Public Advocate of the United States, “a nonprofit organization that fights the radical agenda of the Homosexual Lobby,” just emailed me with this amazing claim about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act…

10 Nov 2013

Helping NOM Keep Up With The Times

Since National Organization for Marriage has been writing about integrity recently, I thought I’d help them maintain theirs (!) by once again updating their marriage equality map.

09 Nov 2013

Hawaii Becomes 16th Marriage Equality State

The Hawaii state House passed the Hawaii Marriage Equality Act of 2013 (SB 1) Friday evening on a vote of 30 to 19 with two excused.

The vote came after 22 years of statewide discussion.

07 Nov 2013

‘Christian’ Group Continues to Victimize Transgender Child

In its attempt to defeat a recently passed bill in California which would protect the rights of transgender students, a religious right group, Pacific Justice Institute, helped to spread a story about a Colorado transgender high school student allegedly harassing other female students in the bathroom.

The story was a lie.

05 Nov 2013

Illinois State House Passes Marriage Equality Bill After Months of Delay

Today the Illinois state House passed the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act (SB 10) on a vote of 61-54. The Illinois state Senate passed the bill in February on a vote of 34 to 21.