16 Dec 2011

BLock the Vote…Un-American

Have progressives and conservatives become so battle hardened in this nation, that the most fundamental tool of democracy is once again in jeopardy?  Has “Citizens United” emboldened, or rather, reawakened a dreadful frame of thought that once was the norm of this nation, just 48 years ago?  Perhaps it is

28 Jul 2011

Money, Money, Money, Mon-ey!

     It always amazes me what Politicians’ will do for money.  I have never been a fan of the whole premise of gold anyways.  From Columbus to the GOP, the lust for capital has always out-weighed humanity.  People in power, and the rich are still chopping off hands, they just don’t use axes anymore.  I am so tired

27 Jul 2011

“The Buck Stops Here!”…even an unpopluar Truman invoked the 14th Amendment

     Perhaps the POTUS hopes to avoid the same popularity as Truman.  Maybe he thinks pulling off some “grand deal” will solidify a place in the history books.  “Oh the great negotiator”, people will say!  Egotistical…      As this ridiculous crisis has evolved over the past few weeks, it is more and

26 Jul 2011

General Dempsey is wrong, of course McCain supports his beliefs.

     The soon-to-be Joint Chief of Staff (General Martin Dempsey) is saying that Admiral Mullen is wrong in his assertion that a 14 trillion dollar deficit is a matter of National Security.  This man must be thinking only from an operational stand point (Or maybe he’s a Roman).  Senator McCain

22 Jul 2011

As I look at my Son…

There is no greater gift to a man than a newborn son.  Perhaps, as wonderful a gift that he is, this situation is quite frightening too.  It is one thing to walk through life depending on myself; and, the talents I do possess to get me through the obstacles of existence.  

21 Jul 2011

In Defense of My President

     Evangelical Conservatives’ hate him.  Social Conservatives’ loath him.  Economic Conservatives’ slander him constantly.  The Tea Party calls him a coward.  Less than mentally prudent radio hosts’ create a steady stream of lies and fear regarding the man.   Then again, far left Liberals say he has abandoned them.  Most Democrats say he