09 Dec 2007

The Democratic Leadership Is Complicit in Torture

Let’s not tell lies to ourselves, Americans: the blood is on all our hands. It’s all of our continuing responsibility, not to erase our history or actions, but to make all them public, to change our ways and reform, not because we expect the world to forgive us (would you?), but because there is no other way to rescue ourselves. . . from ourselves.

09 Dec 2007

Sunday Morning Sillies, Sad Sacks, Has Beens and Butlicks

The Sunday morning political talk shows feature the usual crew of Republican psychotics, theocrats and racists, windbag poseurs for the flaccid Georgetown set and not one breathing progressive in the lot. The only fun to be had is to devise drinking games looking for talking points lifted from the lips of George Wallace, circa 1962.

22 Nov 2007

FDL Late Nite: “As God is My Witness, I Thought Turkeys Could Fly”


As one of my friends noted, apparently, even turkeys can organize.

Perhaps, methinks, there’s some hope for Democrats yet.

So, how ya’ doin’?

Happy Thanksgiving!

07 Nov 2007

NY and VA to Lou Dobbs: STFU

That means you too, Rahm Emanuel.

Headline from New York’s election results last night:

“New York Democrats Say License Issue Had Little Effect”

And in Virginia, here’s the headline:

“In the Ballot Booths, No Fixation on Immigration”

Okay, so, in Virginia, immigration demagoguing did not help Republicans, and in NY, despite the quotes from party insiders justifying their abandonment of Spitzer as saving the day and a voter quote cherry picked by the NYT editors to

02 Nov 2007

Chris Dodd Hearts Lou Dobbs?

As much as I admire Chris Dodd’s efforts to preserve the Constitution and oppose the circumvention of the courts as they examine whether or not U. S. telecoms broke the law by aiding the administration as it spies on Americans without a warrant, his performance at the end of this week’s debate was abysmal.

I didn’t watch the whole debate, but I’ve read (and annotated!) the 40 page transcript.

There’s a lot I

01 Nov 2007

“He’s an Incumbent. That’s What We Do.”

The beautiful thing about primaries is how they clarify people, players and priorities.

Lest there be any confusion about the incumbent protection racket for Bush Dogs, here’s today’s statement from Pelosi’s office, justifying her fundraiser for Maryland Corruptocrat Al Wynn:

Pelosi’s spokesman Brendan Daly is unfazed. “He’s an incumbent. That’s what we do,” he told me when I asked him about Pelosi’s appearance for Wynn.

09 Oct 2007

The Utter Corruption of the US Telecom Industry

[Left, that’s crime boss Randall L. Stephenson, CEO of AT&T]

Monday I shared a train ride with Jane. She was headed to New York to make an appearance on a panel at NYU, and I was headed to Philly on business.

We talked and worked, though Jane was hampered by the failure of her Verizon mobile wireless service to connect her online.

09 Oct 2007

Tancredo Comes Out for “Reconquista”

Marisa Treviño has done a great job of covering the opposition to the Texas border wall among the border communities for us at FDL. These border towns now have Tancredo’s pale ass pretty chapped:“These mayors are jeopardizing national security with their not-in-my-backyard attitude,” Tancredo said. “Congress approved the border fence with the overwhelming support of the American people to protect our nation from terrorists and illegal aliens and it will

09 Oct 2007

Progressive Caucus Begins to Wield Power?

[Video of Barbara Lee’s lone voice opposing the AUMF on September 14, 2001. Since then, progressives are beginning to stand together athwart current events to shout, “Stop!,” and that’s a damn good thing.]

I’ve spent the day trying to sort out what’s going on with the FISA bill. We’re operating in a political context of many liars, fraudsters, poseurs and kabuki artists, a DC fog machine of secrecy and

05 Oct 2007

Late Nite FDL: I’m Sure It’s Just a Coincidence

Via the New York Post, we learn that the architect of several famous boy bands, Lou Pearlman, has allegedly taken something more than a professional interest in the talent he’s, er, mentored, over the years. He’s currently in federal custody on other charges related to a ponzi scheme, wherein he scammed more than one thousand investors of more than $315 million.