08 Mar 2008

Bloggers, Netroots and the Democratic Presidential Primary

So, we have no progressive candidate. We have no Wellstone, no Feingold, no ideologically based movement person. My question is this: which of these candidates is more likely to reveal an inner Lieberman of some form once in power? I don’t have an answer. People can believe what they choose to believe, but both candidates have Liebermanish historical tendencies and both propel narratives reminiscent of Lieberman, the earlier years. The ultimate question I will have for supporters of either candidate during these days of pie fights will be, whoever gets power, what will you hold your winning candidate accountable for once in office, assuming s/he wins? If your winner gets some accountability fire from people who once supported your opponent, will you simply defend your winner, or will you join in for merited criticism?

02 Mar 2008

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

Lest anyone miss the point, this armchair psychoanalysis is total, hot, steaming bullshit, projection masked as insight. I’m trained and I would never make the presumptive leaps laced throughout this dotard’s putrid drivel. May as well diagnose Terri Schiavo from a video screen. Broder, like Russert and the rest of the celebrity pundit corps, see what they see because they believe what they believe, not vice versa, regarding any Democrat, most especially the Clintons, and most especially Hillary Clinton. And yet, they lack the honesty or integrity as a smugly sated class to acknowledge the ways they create the boundaries of what is deemed acceptable to discuss as political “reality” throughout the country.

17 Feb 2008

The Donna Edwards Effect?

So, the week Donna Edwards trounces Al Wynn, the House decides to flip off the administration on the “Protect America Act” FISA bill with telecom immunity. Donna campaigned a lot on this issue, and Wynn was in the pocket of the telecoms. Coincidence, or not?

30 Jan 2008

Netroots and Grassroots Unite on Pera, Immigration

The untold story of the Mark Pera campaign is the way the national netroots and local activists have worked so closely to promote a grassroots candidate who takes progressive stands on immigration and the enfranchisement of migrant workers. Mark Pera’s incumbent Bush Dog opponent, Dan Lipinksi, it horrible on immigration issues, but local grassroots coalitions for Pera are huge.

20 Jan 2008

About That Reagan Thing

Folks, I realize we’re not in the general election yet, but the two primary frontrunners have been positioning themselves for the general well before the primaries ever began. Is it too much to ask of them that they make the explicit case that we’ve had our experiment with conservatism, and it has failed, miserably? Evidence abounds and gathers. If you can’t stomp your boot heel on the throat of your opponent when he’s down, when will you ever, ever do it?

20 Jan 2008

It’s (Grandpa’s) Economy, Stupid

Not many people working today remember 1982, let along the stagflation of the late 1970’s. . . or the depression of the 1930’s. They have no frame of reference for where we may be headed. The press may think we’re headed back to 1992, but the real worry is we may be headed for 1932, 21st Century style.

20 Jan 2008

Billious Blowhards Morning Thread

Funny, Tim Russert did not look so confident as he does in this picture when I saw him testify on crutches in the Libby trial about how he spilled everything to the FBI before acting like a First Amendment martyr, claiming he could not possibly speak to that nasty Pat Fitzgerald. The Sunday Morning wankfest.

29 Dec 2007

Steve Gilliard: Remembered, and Appropriated

Matt Bai has a piece on our friend (and occasional Firedoglake contributor) the late Steve Gilliard for this weekend’s New York Times Magazine. It’s not a bad piece overall, by any means. I continue to be glad the NYT is giving Steve some of his posthumous due. That said, it does suffer from some of the same blindnesses we’ve become accustomed to in the work of our self-selected chronicler on behalf of the establishment. Bai writes shallow personality driven pieces that always seem to fit his preconceived notions, making him precisely the kind of journalist Steve used to skewer with such inimitable abandon.

15 Dec 2007

Harry Reid Responds to Chris Dodd and the Party’s Base

Presidential hopefuls Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have all said they will “support” Dodd’s filibuster. Let’s hope that “support” is not of the phony “I support Ned Lamont” variety Clinton and Obama displayed. Tell them to put up or shut up by following the link at the end of this post. Otherwise, with all the unchecked surveillance in play, welcome to the Stasi State!

09 Dec 2007

Can Huckabee Keep It Up?

“Release the rapist so he can kill again! Quarantine Magic Johnson! Make the immigrants legal. . oh no, wait, DEPORT THEM ALL IN FOUR MONTHS!” Poor Parole Board Mike. It looks like scrutiny may not be kind to America’s nascent surge for the Huckster. Can’t wait to see him ‘splain his immigration policies on the Spanish language GOP TV debate tonight. Popcorn, pleeze!