06 Jun 2006

If I Were Iran: How Republicans Have Weakened America

Ok, let’s say I’m the ruler of Iran.   The world’s only superpower has listed me as a member of an "axis of evil."  Two other countries share that distinction.  One, right on my border, had no nuclear deterrents, and was overrun with U. S. forces, its government deposed.  The other,

05 Jun 2006

People-Powered Media Eat the Lieberman Campaign

Here’s the one line description of the 1958 horror classic The Blob:  "An alien lifeform consumes everything in its path as it grows and grows." I think Joe Lieberman knows the feeling.  His enemy, however, is not the blob, it’s the blogs:  the new, people-powered media, scaring the bejeebus out

03 Jun 2006

FDL Late Nite: Politics in Pop Culture

I’m not a comic book guy or a science fiction afficionado, but I appreciate having some intelligent themes to chew on in my otherwise hokey pop diversions.  I never read the X-Men comics, but the film series continues to grapple with themes related to the acceptance of difference in others

31 May 2006

FDL Late Nite: Lieberman’s Gay Defenders Think You’re Stupid

I’m Joe Solmonese, and I Ignore Pro-Equality Candidates.  Please Donate to the Human Rights Campaign. To read Joe Solmonese’s vapid, patronizing defense of the Human Rights Campaign’s endorsement of the anti-equality incumbent Joe Lieberman, you would think there was no actual candidate in the race who supports full equality for

29 May 2006

Memorial Day Truth: There Is No “War on Terror”

There is no "War on Terror." There is, however, a "war" on the U. S. Constitution. After September 11, 2001, we’ve learned that we can take a punch and move on.  We’ve faced far worse threats to our national survival in our history – the Civil War, the War of

27 May 2006

FDL Late Nite: Some Inconvenient Truths

I have a few items for your Late Nite discussion pleasure this evening: The site for the film An Inconvenient Truth is excellent; I highly recommend you spend some time there.  The film has been criticized for being a little thin on solutions, and though I have not seen it

26 May 2006

Ned Lamont Deserves Enthusiastic GLBT Support

I’m a partnered gay man, and I have to say, WTF is the Human Rights Campaign thinking endorsing anti-marriage, anti-privacy Joe Lieberman?  Rape Gurney Joe has never truly risked a thing for GLBT people, ever.  He’s helped install James Dobson endorsed judges to the Supreme Court like Sam Alito and

25 May 2006

David Broder, Pantysniffing Pervert

    You can’t see my hands!  Look, This will be short and sweet.  I know Christy brought this up earlier, but I have a modest proposal for the community on this subject.  These DC media cocktail weenie people are morally bankrupt.  They need to be fired.  But in the meantime,

22 May 2006

The Comedic Stylings of Vandehei and Baker

   Colbert Lives! Vandehei and Baker, I hope, meant this to be funny.  If they did, they deserve a miniature Colbert Award:  Confronting the worst poll numbers seen in the West Wing since his father went down to defeat, President Bush and his team are focusing on the fall midterm

20 May 2006

Late Nite FDL: We Can Be Heroes

      Stand back!  I think he’s gonna hurl! Ned Lamont’s victory last night was bigger than Fitzmas. We have a tradition around here, a sort of people’s pastime: celebrating the arrival of a new post with the gleeful exclamation of the word "Fitz!" (or some such variation).  It bothers some