09 Apr 2014

Fascism: Which Flavor Do You Prefer?

News that another far-right European party has garnered about 20% of the vote in parliamentary elections, as just happened in Hungary, is increasingly deja vue. The banalization of Fascism across Europe is matched only by its pugnacity in Ukraine.  But are not revelations about the transfer of Hitler’s accomplices to

28 Mar 2014

Maidan: Occupy on Steroids

While the Right Sector threatens the Ukrainian government it brought to power for killing one of their own, others in Maidan Square are planting vegetables. (Who knew the climate at that latitude would allow it in March?) Along with the green shoots shown on RT, this is the first real

27 Mar 2014

Obama In Chocoate Factory Earning his Keep

  Yesterday I happened unto France 24 just as it was airing President Obama’s speech to a select group of Belgian students in the presence of the king and queen and government officials at the Palais des Beaux-Arts, a fancy theatre. He started by saying: ‘What’s not to like in

25 Mar 2014

Trying to Close the Barn Door

The killing of one of Ukraine’s more notorious Neo-Nazis, Right Sector leader Aleksandr Muzychko, after selfie videos showed him intimidating other players in the takeover – undoubtedly follows acting Prime Minister ‘Yats’ visit to the White House last week.  President Obama’s on camera assurances of American support for the government

24 Mar 2014

The Rise and Fall of American Exceptionalism

A few months ago, Vladimir Putin wrote an Oped in the New York Times questioning America’s claim to exceptionalism. In fact, he was saying out loud what leaders all over the world were increasingly muttering under their breath. One of the reasons why the Russian President could permit himself to

20 Mar 2014

Letter from a Pro-Assad Syrian Resident from California

The U.S. is not so much pursuing a new Cold War with Russia, as trying to destabilize it militarily from both near and far: in Syria and in Ukraine. After OpedNews contributor Lilly Martin, a California born, medical professional married to a Syrian who has raised two children in that

18 Mar 2014

Of Governments and Mobs

As the Europeans dither over what sanctions they could apply to Russia that would not hurt them more, a two-pronged question: In an age of growing mass literacy and electronic communication, what kinds of governments stand the best chance of being effective — and hence, durable — and is the

09 Mar 2014

Ukraine via The Chicago School

Some American commentators close to the Obama administration are touting the coup in Kiev as a successful tit for tat for Russia’s obstruction of U.S. war plans against Syria and its broader imperialist agenda. However, the Europeans, who get a lot of their gas from Russia, are split over joining

05 Mar 2014

Pusillanimous Europe

It’s hard to know which is worse: a Europe that is still caught in a Cold war stance between the bear and the eagle, or a Europe that allows itself to drift into Fascism, as if World War II had never happened.  Notwithstanding the strength of its economy, Europe is

03 Mar 2014

Ukraine’s Ultra-Right Reconstructed

The current volatile situation in Ukraine demands clarity with respect to the main forces that brought it about.  The MSM invariably dismisses any suggestion that these right-wing organizations have an unsavory past. And yet, we’re not talking about a bunch of skinheads eager for action who have taken Adolf Hitler