24 Jun 2014

Icing the Chocolate King

Editor’s Note: Discuss Deena Stryker’s Lunch With Fellini, Dinner With Fidel on August 2nd at the FDL Book Salon. As the world anxiously awaits the outcome of Ukraine’s overtures to its rebellious Southeastern regions, in its June 23 issue Time magazine presents Petro Poroshenko as “Man in the Middle.” In order to justify that title, it is forced to

13 Jun 2014

How Liberal Journalists Mislead Readers

Editor’s Note: Discuss Deena Stryker’s Lunch With Fellini, Dinner With Fidel on August 2nd at the FDL Book Salon. Also see “Mohammad Javad Zarif: Iran is committed to a peaceful nuclear program” in today’s Washington Post. The award-winning foreign policy journalist Robin Wright published a portrait of Iranian nuclear negotiator Javad Zarif in the

10 Jun 2014

When Is a Rose Not a Rose?

Editor’s Note: Deena Stryker joins FDL Book Salon on Aug 2nd to discuss Lunch With Fellini, Dinner With Fidel. You may be noticing the slightly confused expression on Obama’s face when he talks about the foreign affairs these days: he almost seems to be apologizing for contradictions that are obvious to even the most casual observers. Here’s

05 Jun 2014

D-Day 2014: Goings and Comings on the Eurasian Continent

Editor’s Note: Deena Stryker joins FDL Book Salon on Aug 2nd to discuss Lunch With Fellini, Dinner With Fidel. President Obama’s four-day European tour leading up to the D-Day celebrations in France began in Poland with the announcement of an increase in the number of American troops stationed there, as the post-coup government

29 May 2014

Who’s a Terrorist, What’s a Terrorist?

Terrorist and terrorism are probably the most often used words in today’s media, making an inquiry into their definition and use long overdue. Having shifted the role of watchdog to whistle-blowers as part of its new mission to propagate the government’s views, journalists mindlessly apply the word “terrorist” to any

11 May 2014

Finishing the Job

The existence of an American-backed putsch government in Ukraine suggests that Washington has decided to finish the job it started almost a century ago. The remotely controlled events in Ukraine are not about bringing liberal democracy to that country, but about securing its rich black soil for agribusiness, its minerals

22 Apr 2014

It’s Not Just About Ukraine

As the situation on Europe’s Eastern frontier degenerates predictably, awareness of the millennial violent history between Poles and Ukrainians is indispensable to any understanding. The phrase ‘they share a long history’ does not come close to elucidating what is happening today. Actually, the phrase most often heard is that Ukrainians

21 Apr 2014

Individualism is the Opium of the Masses

If you’re wondering why, as a progressive commentator wrote recently “the left contents itself with sending pathetic ‘take action!’” emails, think about a specific difference between the U.S. and the rest of the world: Following on the revolutionary European tradition, most polities readily take to the streets when their rulers

14 Apr 2014

Europe: Copycats and the Arrow of Time

I’ve often written about the application of the modern physics principle — that the arrow of time is irreversible — to world affairs and politics in general. Today it is combined with copycat behaviors, thus becoming all the more important to understand As Ukrainians pursue the historically-dictated split of their country,

11 Apr 2014

Turning Point

Today may mark a turning point not only in two places that have been in the news these days – Venezuela and Ukraine – but also in the larger political story of our times. In Venezuela, President Maduro negotiated with his opposition on TV. In Ukraine, Prime MInister Yatsenyuk promised