14 Sep 2014

Why do Westerners Join ISIS?

Worried comments on Westerners joining ISIS tend to overlook the fact that this is an all-volunteer army. Surely that has some significance when trying to explain its success. Fifty-five year old Senator Bob Casey has declared that he expects the campaign against Islamic terrorism to last beyond his lifetime, implying

09 Sep 2014

NATO Post-Mortem

In my book Une autre Europe, un autre Monde and in other works since its publication, I have noted that the world needs not only a coordinating body that would be akin to a world government, but also, and urgently, a rapid deployment force  – to use the NATO terminology –

31 Aug 2014

FDL Book Salon Welcomes Paul LeBlanc and Dianne Feeley, Imagine: Living In A Socialist USA

At a time when “East” and “West” have been unexpectedly revived as political categories, twenty-five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, which was followed two years later by the dissolution of the Soviet Union as a political entity – a book that dissects and up-dates socialist concepts and realities is more timely than ever.

New York’s most progressive literary agent, Francis Golden, who is now ninety years old, once again put her energies where her mind is, asking thirty-one progressive writers to imagine how life would change for Americans were we to enjoy a socialist-oriented government. I say enjoy because I’ve lived half my life under such governments in both Western and the former Eastern Europe, and I can testify to the fact that life is a great deal easier when national governments are organized around principles of solidarity.

23 Aug 2014

For Europe: Finlandization’s Revenge or a Eurasian Identity?

In 1989 my book Une autre Europe, un Autre Monde [Another Europe, Another World], was published in France by a small academic house, after being rejected by all the progressive publishers. It foresaw the reunification of Europe, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the end of apartheid in South Africa,

19 Aug 2014

Fareed’s Screed

The American media campaign against Vladimir Putin reached a new low Sunday when CNN’s Fareed Zakaria turned his attention to the Russian President’s trip to Cuba. It happened a month ago, but was presented as news. In the current propganda war against Vladimir Putin, anything goes, for even New York

15 Aug 2014

Ukraine’s Broader Impact

Anyone who has witnessed European farmers drive their tractors into the center of Brussels and dump crops in front of EU headquarters, knows the hold they have on legislators. Much of European agriculture takes place on family farms and the EU has had to create special rules and subsidies to

03 Aug 2014

Resistance: The Essence of the Islamist Revolution – A Review

On July 27th, in the midst of the twin crises in Gaza and Ukraine, Representative Mike Rogers on Face the Nation ‘revealed’ to Americans that Iran is supporting both Sunni Hamas and Shia Hezbollah, leaving Bob Shaffer as confused as his listeners. What the American media is missing – never

26 Jul 2014

“Imagine Living in a Socialist USA!” Rehabilitating a Forbidden Word

Editor’s Note: Discuss Deena Stryker’s Lunch With Fellini, Dinner With Fidel on August 2nd at the FDL Book Salon. As a faithful reader of many so-called ‘progressive’ journals and books, my frustration with the Empire into which I was born increases daily. So many voices in the wilderness! So many groups devoted to decisive change,

12 Jul 2014

Summer Signs Confirmed

As hooligans in Jerusalem shout anti-Arab slogans and threaten individual Arabs, giving rise to the word ‘Zio-fascists’, Israel prepares to invade Gaza yet again, while Kiev shells villages and towns as it prepares to besiege Eastern Ukraine’s two largest cities. The Gaza invasion is clearly an effort to torpedo the

28 Jun 2014

The New Yorker on Ukraine: Instead of Sy Hersh, Keith Gessen

As the world anxiously awaits the next chapter in the tug of war between Russia and the West over Ukraine, I deconstruct a lengthy article in the May 12th New Yorker that shows how investigative reporting has been replaced by sugar-coated bias. The print media can be divided into roughly