15 Jun 2013

Anti-Capitalist Muslims and Others

Yesterday on RT in a comment by an English-language newspaper editor in Istanbul I heard the term ‘anti-capitalist Muslims’ for the first time. The day before that a commentator used the term ‘cultural Muslims’. These terms reveal to no-nothing Westerners the complexity of the Muslim world at a time when the

14 Feb 2012

Obama’s Crossed Legs

A month or so ago the media had fun with a shot of Mitt Romney crossing his legs as he tried to deal with an embarrassing question from an interviewer. Today’s picture of President Obama meeting at the White House with the future president of China could give rise to

10 Feb 2012

Four (Relatively) Easy Pieces

Events come thick and fast.  No time to write every day.  So here are four briefs, each of which do not, in my opinion, warrant 500 words from me, because others provide that.  What they don’t provide are the backstories: 1) Greedy Bastards: Kudos to MSNBC’s Dylan Rattigan for showing