16 Jul 2011

Focus and Moving Forward

I’ve been doing a lot of meta thinking lately about my writing and the direction it’s going in. I’ve come to a conclusion. My body of work lacks direction and focus. I don’t have a stable of set issues I write about and I am starting to believe that this

14 Jul 2011

On Fatigue, In General

I haven’t published in nearly two weeks. It’s not that I have a shortage of material to write about – it’s actually the opposite. I have to continue and finish my far right series and I want to write about ALEC working with Republicans and plutocrats to sell out the

03 Jul 2011

The Debt Ceiling/Deficit Debate Is Beyond Parody

I don’t religiously read or watch any American press outlet. The closest I come is that I probably read two or more NYT articles a day, mostly through links I come across on the blogs. I always check Al Jazeera, the Guardian, RT, Democracy Now, and a few others. I

29 Jun 2011

My Favorite Link Ever

Yesterday I dropped a link in the first part of “The Darkening Horizon” that has again captured my attention this afternoon. As reported in the USA Today, tax receipts in 2009 at historic lows. See also – it’s sister link, “By one measure, federal taxes lowest since 1950”, published just

28 Jun 2011

The Darkening Horizon: In America, A Perfect Storm

This entry is part one in my new series of undetermined length, “The Darkening Horizon”. I will be examining the rise of the far right in the U.S. and Europe and the conditions that create space in the political mainstream for these movements. Much digital and print ink has been

25 Jun 2011

LulzSec Haz All Yur Fascism – Arizona Law Enforcement Hacked Over SB 1070

I wonder who’s going to take the heat for this at the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Hacker group Lulz Security (“laughing at your security since 2011”, they say) has successfully stolen hundreds of classified documents from the government of Arizona. Included in the haul are emails, passwords, training manuals

23 Jun 2011

New Jersey Set To Put Greedy Public Employees In Their Place

The New Jersey Assembly is set to pass a Wisconsin-style FU to it’s public employees today. The bill passed the State Senate by a wide margin on Monday. The floor time for the bill, A4133, is scheduled for 1:00 PM Eastern time (30 minutes from publication of this article). The

22 Jun 2011

The Price of Resistance… With a Hand from Uncle Sam

Today eight Bahraini Shia protesters were sentenced to, wait for it, life in prison, on trumped up charges related to the island kingdom’s peaceful protest movement. Specifically, the Bahraini government royal family accuses them of conspiracy to commit a coup. In response, Shia protestors have defied the security forces and

20 Jun 2011

Beyond Netroots Nation – The Progressive Blogosphere vs. The Democratic Establishment

I was unable to attend the first full day of Netroots Nation. I spent my time instead at my day job and I was only able to head over to the convention center around 5:00. When I arrived, here’s what I saw: DC org types, media people and a smattering

18 Jun 2011

NN11 Young Voter Turnout Session – How Do You Convince Someone They’re Better Off Despite Their Lying Eyes?

In 2008 Barack Obama won the presidency in large part due to energetic turnout among young people. After eight long years of the Bush Administration, young Americans were starved for hope in their future and looking for a way to move their issues forward. These votes turned out heavily, and